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What’s the Difference Between Scholarship Providers on Edukasyon.ph?

Overwhelmed by all the information that pops up whenever you type “where to apply for a scholarship?” in Google? At a loss with all the scholarship names you have searched about so far?

Take a deep breath – you’ve got this. But first, try to gain a deeper understanding of different types of scholarships providers and you’ll eventually find the scholarship that best suits you!

Government providers

Government providers are usually the biggest scholarship providers in the Philippines, given that they usually allot a reasonably large budget for scholarships each year. They are also able to provide thousands of scholarship slots compared to other providers. Government providers can either come from local government units or national government agencies, such as the Commission on Higher Election (CHED) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

You can also inquire through your city’s LGU on how they provide educational support to their residents and see if they can offer one for you, too. The City Government of Muntinlupa, for example, offers scholarships to incoming students, provided that the applicant is a resident of Muntinlupa. Taguig City and Antipolo City also have LGUs that offer extensive scholarship programs.

Scholarships under this category are usually competitive and often favor students with outstanding academic achievements. Surely, a lot of people will apply in these opportunities, but more slots also mean higher chances so better step up and grab that chance!

Foundations, Corporations, and Private Organizations

Foundations and corporations are also trustworthy sources for you to find the perfect scholarship opportunity.

Unlike government LGU scholarships, these organizations only offer a limited number of slots, but the application process is faster since only a selected number of applicants apply for their scholarships and it may not be as widely familiar to the public compared to government scholarships. Take note that an organization’s process might still vary, though! Aside from asking for supporting documents or essays, some scholarships even require interviews and house visits.

The plus side of being a foundation or corporation scholar is that these organizations usually keep close ties with their scholars and even provide development programs for the scholar’s continuous growth, such as the leadership development scholarship offered by Wedu. Other organizations such as Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation tend to work closely with their partner schools, from which they choose their applicants. Similarly, these scholarships require a very specific set of qualifications that must be met by students as a requirement, such as from a certain year level or with a certain course.


You might have also heard of the Office of Admission and Aid, Office of Scholarships and Student Services, or simply the Scholarships Office in your new or current school? Public and private schools offer different types of scholarship opportunities, from allowances to partial and full coverage of your tuition. They offer a number of scholarship opportunities to its students, allowing more students to avail of scholarships.

Most scholarships require incoming college students to apply before the enrollment process. But in some cases like De La Salle University’s scholarships, you may apply even after you’re enrolled. Spare time to visit the offices in charge of these scholarships to determine whether you will qualify and when to apply for it!

Aside from being merit-based, school scholarships can also be offered based on your skills, such as arts and athletic scholarships, while context-based scholarships exist for those who belong to ethnic backgrounds and military backgrounds. If you qualify for any of these eligibility requirements, then that’s probably the scholarship best for you!

Remember that all these different scholarship providers are out there to help you save more and make your education possible. They surely won’t bite. Start early, search for their contact information, and reach out to them! Good luck!

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