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Does Being A Scholar Mean I Get to Go to School for Free?

For most students, having a scholarship is the key to accomplishing their education, especially when they are burdened by financial constraints.

But does being a scholar really mean they don’t have to pay for anything at all? Unfortunately not. Why? Not all scholars receive the same benefits. In reality, scholarships providers allot different financial aids for students based on their grades, level of skills, and/or resources.

Full Tuition

Earning a full tuition scholarship is more or less gaining an “all-expense paid” education ticket. Having to not worry about paying a single peso for an entire year of schooling or signing up for free courses that have scholarship opportunities, like that of FTW Foundation’s scholarship, is definitely a great privilege and an ultimate goal for most aspiring scholars.

Occasionally, this scholarship may include other benefits and/or miscellaneous fees, such as accommodation and additional budget perks for your books, uniform, and meals. Just be sure to clarify the overall coverage and duration of your scholarship with your designated provider before doing so!

This scholarship benefit is usually granted through “tuition waiving”, which means you don’t have to pay anything during your enrollment period while not being able to receive any monthly stipend.

Partial Tuition

As the word “partial” implies, this scholarship refers to a certain percentage of the scholarship being covered by the funder. These scholarships usually tend to cover 50% of your tuition but some can also vary from 25% to 75%, while the rest of the remaining fee must be paid on or before the deadline set by the school/institution you are attending.

To give an example, if your school’s total annual tuition is Php 20,000 and your scholarship covers 75% of your tuition, then you will only have to pay 25% (or Php 5,000) to the school.


Lastly, an allowance type of scholarship is particularly helpful and widely sought by students that are either struggling with daily school expenses or simply hope to cut some costs. This gives you a budget that can be used for expenses such as meals, transportation, books and school supplies.

Allowances are different from partial tuition scholarships in a way that they are mainly used for expenses spent outside one’s set tuition fee, which mostly cover expenses for school facilities, events, and units taken while enrolled.

This scholarship can either be given in cash or in material form.

As you apply for scholarships, make sure to double-check the scholarship benefits that come with the opportunity. Gauge your family’s current budget for schooling and apply to scholarships that will address your needs.

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