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Tips on Getting Started on Your Scholarship Essay

When faced with an opportunity as beneficial as a scholarship grant, you might find yourself being overly conscious about how and where to begin writing that dreaded scholarship essay.

Writing in itself is a challenging feat that even the most seasoned writers have trouble with; Not to worry though, there are more than a few ways you can get started on this seemingly daunting task:

  • Be familiar with the program.

Is the scholarship you’re applying for focused towards the Sciences? Do they require a certain number of hours rendered for volunteer/community service? Understanding the priorities of the sponsors you are writing to would put you in a better spot than most.


Before putting your thoughts on paper, make sure to check the program’s official website and spend a few hours reading through the mission and vision that they have for their scholars. Afterward, try to align your scholarship essay with their goals (e.g. if they value financial literacy, you might want to discuss a bit on how you manage your own expenses).



  • Recall your passions.

Assuming that the program will be supporting you for a few years, the sponsors would want to get to know you more as well. Be careful to stay true to what interests you the most even as you align your essay with the program’s vision. These hobbies can say a lot about your personality and the way you interact with others.


Enumerate the ways you can be of service to the program based on your interests (e.g. can you host for their events? Maybe you can occasionally perform a special song number or write your experiences with them for their website?). You can contribute in more ways than you realize.



  • Don’t hold back.

By this we mean: Don’t be shy to talk about your achievements! This is the perfect time to let your future sponsors know what kind of person they will soon be investing in. These may include the small wins like being able to volunteer at a community or finishing a short course outside your field of study. You can also express your academic goals so that they understand what will motivate you to give your absolute best and meet their standards.


When in doubt, ask someone else to read your essay to tell you if it comes off as boastful, then make the necessary revisions.


  • Express your need.

The people behind programs like these want to better understand your financial standpoint as well. Are you a working student who aspires for so much but is often weighed down by time constraints? Would college seem like an impossible mountain to climb if you had no financial aid to sustain you? Often, an applicant’s shyness to discuss such realities lessens the chances of being selected. Be honest enough to let them see your application as an effort to reach your dreams, and they will appreciate that you believed in their capacity to help you.


  • Look around you.

What are the current events that bother/inspire you? Without saying your achievements or interests, talking about the news and latest news reports can also reflect your values and outlook towards the world. Of course, you need to do a bit more research if this is the topic you’d like to expound on. This is a good way to impress your readers and let them know how you respond to events within and beyond your control.


Ask your parents/elders for their own opinions on the news you’ve picked; More often than not, they have nuggets of wisdom to share.

Your scholarship essay doesn’t have to be perfect to achieve a perfect opportunity. All you need is honesty, good organization, and a solid message to your readers—check off those three things and you’re good to go! For more information on scholarship opportunities, visit https://www.edukasyon.ph/scholarships.