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I Lost My Scholarship. What Should I Do?

You are facing one of the lowest points in a student’s life, but don’t lose hope! Losing a particular scholarship does not mean you can’t apply for another one.

You know you’ve worked hard for that scholarship, from the completion of requirements to the grueling moments of maintaining the required grade every sem! But things just happen. Maybe you had too many org meetings and projects. Or maybe your final exam was much harder than you expected.

You think of yourself now as a failure. You think about your family and friends who are rooting for you in school. What would they say? Would they be disappointed? How are your parents going to pay for the full tuition?

It is really a tough situation. But it does not mean you should dwell on the doubts and regret, right? Remember, it is not the negative situation but your response to it that will define you!

Here are the things you should do ASAP:

Tell your parents

Can’t tell them face-to-face? Text or chat them. Your parents may express their disappointment (depending on the gravity of your reason) and it’s normal. Just let them know. 

At the end of the day, they just want you to succeed. And they would do anything to help you get there. Who knows, your mom might even have a kumare who knows about other grants or foundations! 

Write a reconsideration letter to the Principal or Dean

What’s a reconsideration letter? It’s a formal request that you can address to an official (in this case, your principal or dean) so they can review your situation. In this letter, you may request for a recomputation of your grades or number of absences.

It will also be a chance for you to make arrangements (e.g. a probation period) that will let you retain your scholarship status.

Apply for other scholarships

If you really can’t take that scholarship back, then accept it and move on. Or else you might miss out on other scholarship opportunities! There is only a limited period for you to apply for certain scholarships. So, get going! You have a lot of requirements to submit! You can start by checking out scholarship opportunities here at Edukasyon.ph!

This is your chance to apply for a scholarship that suits your capabilities. If you are an athlete, sports scholarships might be the best for you. If you are in need of financial assistance, you can apply for a working or academic scholarship. There are also private companies that offer this kind of scholarship.

This experience will teach you life lessons from time management to self-discipline—and that a scholarship is an opportunity not to be wasted. Hopefully, you also realize that your determination and passion to learn can be your tools in overcoming any challenge that may come your way.

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