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Need Tuition Aid? Fund Your Education With Scholarships From Foundations!

Let’s face it—taking up high school or college in the Philippines can come with a hefty price tag. If you’ve found your dream school but don’t know how to finance it, explore your options via corporate foundations; they grant scholarships to their employees, families, and the general public. These may be your best bet to finance your tuition fee for your top university pick. Here are some of the key steps that you need to do in order to find a scholarship and nail the scholarship application process for foundations:

Do your research 

The first step to landing a scholarship is to collate a list of the ones you can be eligible for. Sound scary? While browsing scholarship opportunities online could find you some good ones, it could also get overwhelming. To narrow it down, check out this list of available partner foundations at Edukasyon.ph that provide scholarships to Filipino students. Is the scholarship needs-based or merit-based? Is it granted to Filipinos or foreign students? Avoid the mishap of accidentally applying for a scholarship meant for other students.

Put the requirements together and submit on time

So you’ve found your ideal scholarship. Now, you need to make a list of the requirements it’ll take to land it. To be efficient and organized, we suggest creating a to-do list and setting soft deadlines before the actual scholarship deadline. That way, if you miss a deadline before the actual one, you won’t be scrambling for your requirements. 

Another tip is to tell someone, a friend or family member, about your requirements. This person can help remind you or motivate you to be accountable for everything that needs to be done and can look over your list in case you forgot something. When something as important as a scholarship is on the line, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Track your application 

Once you’ve actually clicked send on your application, the process doesn’t actually end there. Make sure that you track your application or constantly monitor your emails. Expect that the foundation providing the scholarship will contact you for an interview or request for additional information. Don’t miss out on important opportunities just because you forgot to answer an email or didn’t check your spam folder! 

Apply for multiple scholarships

While it’s good to be confident in your application, make sure to apply to more than one scholarship; this will increase your chances of securing attendance to your top-choice school. With that said, don’t stretch yourself too thin and apply to over twenty scholarships! Make sure that you prioritize quality over quantity. 

Fingers crossed that you’ll be awarded that hard-earned scholarship to your dream school! Need more tips and tricks on how to land a scholarship? Check out these other articles from Edukasyon.ph: 

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