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No Time For Scholarship Requirements? Here’s How to Manage Them

So you’ve finally found the right scholarship you want to take. Good for you! But you see the number of scholarship requirements in the list, which adds another set of problems. How can you fit your schedule around the whole application process when you’re too busy managing a job or keeping your grades up?

Not to worry – the wait doesn’t have to be so grueling and you can easily find time to complete your scholarship application without letting your other tasks slide! Here are a few hacks that can help you manage school and scholarship demands, reach deadlines, and complete application requirements:

Make a list of your requirements

List down your requirements. There’s a hefty amount of items you’ll need in order to apply for a scholarship and chances are you’ll forget at least one of them.

Write them down on your calendar, or if you have an app on your phone that takes note of items, use it to monitor your progress and tick off each item once you’ve accomplished each of those requirements.

Get a calendar

Seriously, just get one to keep track of the important dates for each of your requirements. If you’re a digital native who can never take your eyes off your phones every ten minutes or so, use your phone’s Calendar (or any productivity app) and set your alarm at least three days before the deadline so you wouldn’t forget. Plus it encourages you to accomplish deadlines before the actual deadline itself.

Or if you’re the more traditional type who loves pen and paper, get a big calendar and highlight your deadlines in red highlighter or write them down using a red pen so you wouldn’t forget the dates. Studies show that writing or highlighting something can excite one’s brain, which makes it easier to remember alerts.

That way, you can trick yourself into accomplishing your deadline requirements faster and prepare for your scholarship interviews before those deadlines are up.

Don’t cram your essays

List down all the scholarships available that require essays. To make yourself feel more comfortable with writing down your essays, get a scratch paper and draft your essay by hand. It’s easier to concentrate and finish your work if you write your answers instead of typing them.

If you’re still trying to figure out what to write, familiarize yourself with your interests by listing them down in a separate sheet of paper and build your essay from there.

Make sure not to submit the same type of essay to other scholarship applications!

Once you’re confident with your answers, start penning them on your form by hand. Make sure not to leave any erasures – submitting a cleaner work makes it more appealing in the eyes, especially for scholarship providers!

Stay organized and focus on your requirements

Don’t procrastinate. Practice in front of the mirror for your interview. Keep your devices away and fill out those forms. Or if you really can’t stay away from your phones, there are productivity apps that will help prevent you from using your gadgets.

Keep your grades up and stay active in school

Surely you’ve reached the minimum grade requirement for the scholarship you’re eyeing but it doesn’t mean you can be complacent with your work! Don’t stop keeping your grades up, especially since you’re still applying! Scholarship providers don’t just look at your past grades – they’ll also need to look for your current grades and extracurriculars as well. Keep up with your studies and maintain those grades while applying for these scholarships!

Ultimately, it all boils down to knowing how to manage your time. As long as you stay calm all throughout and keep your eyes on the prize, then that scholarship is in the bag!

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