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No, You Don’t Need a Big Network to Get A Scholarship

Does getting a scholarship require a lot of connections and networks? What if I have none? Am I doomed?

Cheer up! There are more people around you who are willing to help than you think!


Various offices such as government, schools, private corporations, foundations, and alumni associations provide a wide array of scholarship opportunities!

Each of these organizations gives you choices depending on what scholarship you’re eyeing. Local Government Units, for example, are mandated to allocate budget for it. So as long as you’re a resident of a locality, you’re eligible to apply. The Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education offer scholarships of many types and disciplines.

Big schools and universities also allocate budget for scholarship programs, as supported by the government. You may also turn to private organizations and foundations for available scholarships for you. Check out some of those scholarships that have Corporate Social Responsibility arms on Education to ensure that your search is meaningful.

Remember, these organizations are there to provide you choices in order to make well-informed academic decisions, so go make your list and contact them for more information!


Your family, peers, and teachers are also there to give you advice on how to ace your scholarship application.

If you know people from your community who are also scholars, interview them to know about the application process, common requirements, and their experience.

Ever wondered what’s a day in the life of a scholar? Ask alumni scholars or your scholar-friends to show you the realities, with #NoFilter. An honest opinion from people who care about you surely puts weight in your decision-making.


In this age of fast-paced environment, make technology your ally. We now live in a world where information is at our very fingertips.

Technology provides you with choices, advice and convenience. But make sure you stay informed while #SayingNoToFakeNews by verifying what you see online before you follow them. Look for trusted websites with credible information that will help you make good decisions.

We don’t just hope that you get to your dream school. We want to make sure that you also afford it. Remember, YOU are your greatest asset. Believe in yourself because we all do!

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