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Looking for Nursing Courses? Go for these Scholarships!

Nursing courses breed future heroes. Sure, we all know how doctors save lives, but nurses play a big part too! Effective nurses contribute to shortening their patients’ recovery time. That way the patients spend less time bedridden, and more time living out their best lives.

On top of that superpower, nursing is a lucrative job. There are many high-paying positions in various hospitals and institutions, not only in the country but all over the world. That’s a big plus because let’s be real, we need money!

Given this demand, Filipinos lead as the most sought-after caregivers. Why? Because we speak English, our nurses are trained in international-caliber medicine, and we’re hardworking. Most importantly though, it’s in our culture to take care of our sick and aging relatives.

It’s that quality that cuts through all the competition. Think about it! How many times have you seen your mother doting over your grandparents’ eating habits? Cue: Tataas na naman BP mo diyan, ‘ma (That’ll make your blood pressure shoot up, mom)! Such a statement comes from a place of care, but obviously, there’s more to nursing than just nagging people to health.

Every hero has a beginning

Before becoming full-time lifesavers, nurses put in the work to study, and get their licenses. Sometimes, even heroes need a helping hand. In this case, they come in the form of scholarships. In the list below, you’ll find them described as follows:


  • Full scholarship — This means all fees for the semester or year will be covered by the benefactor.
  • Partial scholarship — Here, the benefactor will subsidize a portion (of varying amounts) for the semester or the year.


  • Merit-based — In deliberating whether an applicant deserves the scholarship, the school looks at grades and academic performance.
  • Needs-based — These types of scholarships are usually called financial aid, and to qualify, you need to submit your household’s net income. While the deliberating panel still looks at academic performance, there’s an added layer of financial need in the consideration.
  • Context-based — This scholarship is open only to members of marginalized sectors. The applicant’s context is taken into consideration by the grant-giving body.

Get ahead with these scholarships for Nursing Courses

Here are a few scholarships specific to nursing courses that you should consider:

Siliman University

Henrietta Doltz Puhaty Nursing Scholarship

Full || Merit-based, Context-based, Needs-based

Let’s start locally, with Siliman University! The university grants this scholarship to academically qualified and financially deserving students in their College of Nursing. These students must have a CQPA (Cumulative Quality Point Average) of 3.0, and unquestionable moral integrity, conduct, and behavior. This scholarship covers tuition and miscellaneous fees.

Centro Escolar University

Nursing Council Grant

Full/Partial || Needs-based

CEU offers many scholarships for their nursing students. Some are available only to freshmen upon meeting certain requirements, while the rest are for their continuing students. Either way, this would take you one step closer to your plans of saving the world one patient at a time.

Johns Hopkins University

School of Nursing Scholarships

If you’re looking to move to a different continent and have the resources for education abroad, then the Johns Hopkins University may be able to help you. Found in Baltimore, Maryland, the university’s School of Nursing offers four different scholarships:

  • School of Nursing Dean’s Scholarship — partial, context-based
  • School of Nursing Merit Scholarship — partial, merit-based
  • Conway Scholarship — partial, needs-based
  • School of Nursing Areas of Excellence Scholarship 

You can work anywhere, not just in hospitals

There is no limit to the different ways you can care for people, mostly because life is unpredictable, and anything can happen to us. The most we can do is to, first of all, take care of ourselves, and second, pray that someone else will take care of us when we can’t.

At its core, nursing is about taking care of people. Nurses are everywhere, from retirement homes to schools. At some point, you must have had the school clinic’s nurse dispense medicine for your fever, headache, or upset stomach. Maybe they’ve even treated a scraped knee or sprained ankle from PE class, before sending you off to enjoy the rest of your day.

If you see yourself headed in this direction—caring for people and bringing them back to health—but don’t have the resources or time to go into medicine, then nursing is the next viable option!

World-renowned hospitality from an unsung hero

You could be someone’s hero. Aside from the generous compensation you’ll eventually receive, there’s the sense of satisfaction when you see your patients back up on their feet to fight the good fight. Nothing compares to giving your all, and seeing the results for yourself.

Sure, it’s hard work. Think of the long hours and the time you’ll be away from your family. Even if you can’t save the world, at the end of the day, if you save one life, then that’s still one more than you did yesterday.

If you’re looking for other scholarships, drop by Edukasyon.ph’s scholarships page to see what options are available to you, or check out the scholarships portal on the blog. You don’t have to look very far anymore!

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