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5 Tips to Increase your Chances of Getting a Scholarship

Scholarships are every student’s best friend. It serves as a weapon to help you and your parents obtain an education without going into debt. This is why students go the extra mile just to complete an application

The unfortunate truth is, scholarship grants can only accommodate a small number of students. So when you lose a scholarship you know you deserve, it stings and frustration seeps in.

Scholarship providers look for students who will best match the criteria set for the program. While there is no guaranteed way of winning a scholarship, you can still increase your chances and give yourself a better shot. Below are 5 tips on how to turn the odds in your favor:

  1. Apply for as many scholarships as you can

Since the competition in scholarships is very high, getting one will require not only a good set of skills and credentials but also a bit of luck. You can increase your chances by applying for as many scholarships you’re eligible for.

Many students avoid scholarships that require a lot of work – which means a smaller pool of applicants. This means less competition and more chances for you to succeed. This is especially true with local scholarships offered through small organizations, communities, or benefactors.

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  1. Create a checklist of requirements

You may be the most qualified applicant, but if you missed submitting even just one document, you can kiss that opportunity goodbye.

Make time to review all the requirements, follow the instructions, and answer every question asked. When writing an essay, stick to the suggested word limit – too short and it may lack substance, too long and the panel may lose interest. The word limit is there for a reason. Give ample time to process government documents that you need. When asking for recommendation letters, make sure to allot at least a week for the people you request them from. Always check your list of requirements and set dates of when it needs to be accomplished.

  1. Be the early bird

Scholarship grants are usually strict with deadlines. One hour late and you could miss out on your dream education. Do not wait until the last minute. It is important to keep yourself updated. Visit the school’s or organization’s website and social media accounts so you don’t miss a thing: announcements, change of requirements, tips about the scholarship, or even a deadline extension. Submitting your documents early can also give you extra time to prepare for other important aspects of the application process like interviews.

  1. Keep your online presence profesh

Scholarships nowadays not only depend on the documents and essays you submit; Sometimes, they also look through your social media accounts to get to know you more. It is important to maintain your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds “clean” and wholesome to avoid indicating red flags to the sponsors. Try to Google yourself and see what the search results will be.

Pro tip: Make a straightforward, professional, and easy-to-remember email address. Can you imagine the judges sending a formal letter of acceptance to [email protected] or [email protected]?

  1. Throw away the word “quit” from your vocabulary

If you don’t win the scholarship, it is not the end of the world. Like many inspiring success stories, those who win in the end are the ones who kept on trying. You may not get the scholarship you want today, but remember that there are other programs available and there’s always a next year or a next sem. Take whatever you experienced from your first try and do better.

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