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Top Medical Scholarships in Cebu

Are you interested in becoming a doctor or a healthcare professional in the future? Then you probably know that the journey towards this profession consists of long years of schooling, difficult classes, and quite a hefty amount of expenses. Fortunately, if you are from the Visayas, you can still keep your hopes up! Here are the top 5 medical scholarships in Cebu you should check out. Or you may want to consider moving to the Visayas and apply to these scholarships!

Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) Scholarship

Cebu Institute of Medicine provides financial aids for aspiring doctors with its four scholarship programs:

Entrance Scholarship. Awarded to students who graduated with honors in college (summa or magna cum laude).

College Scholarship. Granted to students per year level who will garner First and Second Honors during their stay in CIM as a medical student.

Special Scholarship. This scholarship is given to financially-challenged students of CIM.

Special Raffle Scholarship. Awarded annually as the special grand raffle prize during the founder’s day celebration of a CIM. The four-year free tuition scholarship is given to a child of CIM alumnus.

PHINMA South Western University Scholarship

The program is open to all science high school students and Grade 12 students who belong to the Top 10 class honors. A 100% scholarship tuition grant with Php 4,000 monthly allowance will be given to successful applicants. Aside from this, here are other other medical scholarships awarded by PHINMA:

Chairman’s Scholarship for the School of Medicine. This scholarship is provided to any pre-med programs. Students will receive a 100% discount on their tuition, miscellaneous, and laboratory fees. Awardees will also be given Php 10,000 worth of monthly allowance plus Php 10,000 budget for their book allowance.

Presidential Scholarship for the School of Medicine. Granted to incoming doctorate students of PHINMA. Students will receive a 100% tuition fee discount.

Cebu Doctors’ University Academic Scholarship

Cebu Doctors’ University helps students who are aspiring to become doctors through its Academic Scholarship. It offers a 100% full tuition fee discount for college students who will obtain a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 1.0-1.10 and without a grade lower than 2.0.

A 50% partial scholarship discount, on the other hand, is given to those who have a GWA of 1.20-1.35 and without a grade lower than 2.0.

University of Visayas – Gullas College of Medicine

If you are studying at the University of Visayas – Gullas College of Medicine worrying financially, you can still pursue your med school education. The college provides students with financial aids through its Working Scholarship Grant. It is given to student assistants working in the different offices of the institution. They will receive free tuition fee as well as assistance on other school fees.  

The #MedSchool life may be tough but with the right study habits and financial management, reaching for your dream is possible! Check out Edukasyon.ph’s Scholarships page to find more opportunities to study for free as you pursue your dream career!