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Top Things You Can Do To Financially Keep Your Education

Edukasyon.ph provides a lot of material on scholarship application processes, including ways on how you can land a scholarship to pay for your education. While finding a scholarship is certainly one of the most common ways to make your education more affordable, it’s not THE only way!

Here are a few tips that can be of use to you:

Be Informed of the Full Costs of Schooling

Tuition fee is a large cost when going to school, but there are other important factors to consider: food, lodging, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses.

The first step to making education more affordable is choosing the right school, as there might be good (or even better) schools near your residence that offer the courses you want. Making informed decisions goes a long way.

So do you know where to start? Edukasyon.ph gives you all the details so you can find the perfect school that fits your needs.

Be a Conscious Saver

Start being conscious about your spending, and what costs you can cut so you can save something for a rainy day. You might not feel the weight of the few pesos you’ve saved at first, but it can certainly add up! Before you know it, your savings will give you a bit more security and certainty as you encounter any unexpected costs during the semester, such as additional activities and project materials.

Consider a Part-Time OJT

If you think you can manage your time, consider a part-time on-the-job training (OJT) during the summer (or light semesters) as a way to earn some additional income. No doubt, time management will be a challenge, but having work experience not only adds money to that savings account but also adds value to you as a potential employee when you start looking for a job. Employers value hardworking students who can balance stress well, and you will be surprised by the number of OJT opportunities available, as long as you have the initiative to ask.

A bit intimidated by how to balance work with school? There is plenty of advice available in Edukasyon.ph’s Senior High School and College Life sections.

You Can Borrow, But Be Conscious About Credit

Borrowing money or loans can also be an option, so long as it’s affordable and you are familiar with how the payments work. This can either be through trustworthy people like family members or lending institutions. Be forewarned: there is a cost tied to borrowing! If you or your family chooses to use this option, make sure to be responsible in paying back what you’ve borrowed, and be sure to ask trusted advice from someone who’s more familiar with how borrowing works.

Need more advice on scholarships? Know more about the steps you can take to make education more affordable on Edukasyon.ph!