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Website offers free easy application to senior high, colleges, and scholarships

MAKATI CITY – In pursuit of their advocacy to make education reachable and affordable to every Filipino child, Edukasyon.ph launched an easy and direct online application tool for senior high school, colleges, and scholarships for free.

“We want to facilitate  educational searches for student, parents, and schools. By visiting and registering on www.edukasyon.ph, they can explore so many educational opportunities all in one place. Our site contains 13,000+ public and private schools nationwide as well as 30+ foreign schools; 20,000+ courses; and 4,000+ scholarships,” Edukasyon.ph founder and CEO Henry Motte-Muñoz said.

“Additionally, students can apply to more than 200 schools around the country as well as search and apply for scholarships offered by our partner foundations and schools for free,” he added. “All they have to do is go to www.edukasyon.ph; search for the school, course, or scholarship; click on the institution they want; then start an application,” he further added.

Students, parents, and guardians can easily find schools and scholarships in the online portal that can be accessed in all devices such as laptops, tablets, or mobile phones as long as it is connected to the internet. Additionally, there are 125+ careers tracks on the site where students can find out more about their dream career and the industry they are interested in.

Motte-Munoz also pointed out the benefits of using the site. “By using www.edukasyon.ph, you have no need to call the school because your online inquiry goes directly to the right person. No need to spend time or money to visit the school just to ask questions. No need to hassle yourself because we aim to offer you a range of choice in just a few clicks,” he said.


Edukasyon.ph sets record for 200th school, reaches 500,000th user view

As the fastest growing education portal in the Philippines, Edukasyon.ph marked a milestone last April by signing on its 200th partner school and reaching a 500,00th user view for their website. Currently, www.edukasyon.ph, is the number one free-of-charge, reliable resource for students looking for higher education opportunities in the country.

“We believe that every child has the right to access a quality and relevant education regardless of their social status. Our mission is to help students determine their interests; to offer them choice in selecting the right course and school, and allow them to apply online for free,” Motte-Muñoz said. “We see a future of empowered kids making informed decisions.”

“Each of those 500,000 kids have individual stories. Their future is also our future and their stories fuel our passion for continuing our journey.  We are inspired by the impact of our work in students’ everyday lives and this reflects how we empower the youth to reach for their dreams and contribute to nation-building,” he added.


Partnerships to help solve education challenge

Motte-Muñoz further commented that more initiatives are needed to counter the education-to-employment mismatch. He said that companies in the education technology sector and the government “must connect their roles to stay relevant and address this concern.”

“Just last March, in partnership with local government units and their respective Department of Education – Schools Division Offices (DepEd-SDO), we held the largest pocket senior high fairs across Metro Manila helping almost 30,000 students choose the right senior high track and discover education opportunities from various public and private senior high schools,” he added.

He pointed out that the collaboration between government and private social enterprise can provide sustainable solutions to this global problem. “Along with our partners from the private sector and government, we can bring students closer to the right educational opportunities and to scholarships as well.  Our online platform is open to all students for free, and we believe this is a service that all students should have access to,” Motte-Muñoz said.