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What To Say To Slay Your Scholarship Essay

Imagine studying your dream course in your dream school. Can you see it?

Now, imagine doing just that, but this time knowing that it’s all for free. If you’re a born dreamer, you can even add perks like allowance and accommodation. #goals

Before you dismiss it as one of those far-fetched, too-good-to-be-true dreams you have, think again. Because to begin with, it’s not impossible to happen and it’s possible for you (read: yup, you read that right!)

dream to achieve

Throughout the years, scholarships have been given to deserving but underprivileged students who dream of quality education despite and in spite of their current circumstance. In fact, you can find thousands of it right here at Edukasyon.ph. Have you checked it out? #shamelessplug

Since there’s always A TON of impressive applications to choose from, the clincher often favors those who expressed themselves well in their essay submissions. If there are a thousand hopefuls vying for the grant, how do you stand out?

While there are usually guide questions to answer, these are five of the things you’d want your evaluators to know about you after reading your work:


Who You Are 

It’s a no-brainer. Write your essay in a way that would give the evaluators an idea of the kind of person you are. By the time they finish reading, they should know you more than what your grades and portfolio can offer. Who knows, maybe even more than your random social media followers!

However, the challenge is how you can excellently curate your whole life within a matter of few sentences–given a limited word count. When overwhelmed with seemingly good information to put, always choose those that highlight your best qualities.

Writer’s Tip:

Be personal. Often times, applicants write what they think the evaluators are looking for. That’s why they end up writing the same thing over and over. Why not write what you want them to know? Think passions and advocacies you feel strongly about a.k.a. things that make your heart race.

this is me


What You Know About It

Just as there are different types of students in school, there’s more than just one type of scholarship available for grabs. As you prep your essay, do some ~intensive~ research about the scholarship you’re applying for. Remember, you can only write so well about something you know so well. So read up, genius!

Familiarize yourself with the school or company’s mission and values, even the fine print of their scholarship grant (read: that’s your clue right there!). It’s one thing to be a deserving student, it’s another to be the deserving student they’re looking for.

Writer’s Tip:

While it’s good to apply to as many scholarships as possible, try to look for more specific ones too. Not only does that mean lesser competition, but you’ll also be able to share more experiences that hit close to your heart.

i'll tell you something


Why You Deserve It

Every good scholarship essay is crystal clear in expressing an applicant’s why. Why are you applying for a scholarship? Why this particular scholarship? Why do you think you deserve it? All these questions almost always make the decision for the evaluators. So give it your best shot and let your answers do the talking for you. After all, it’s not rocket science to figure out which applicants need it and which ones don’t need it… as much. #realtalk

Jumping off from your research on the scholarship, detail in how you’re the best fit for the grant and why they have to look no further. The thing is, you should be sold out first that you’re the one the real deal before they follow through.

Writer’s Tip:

There’s a fine line between being confident and arrogant—the latter is never an option. Choose your words carefully. And to be sure, get fresh eyes to look in your essay!



How You Will Benefit From It

A scholarship may be free education for a student, but it’s not free for the school or company. They would have to invest a huge amount of money (and effort) to make it happen. That’s why it’s natural that they look forward to seeing it pay off. Aren’t that the #samedt with all our decisions?

As you write your scholarship essay, convince them that investing in you is a good decision. Picture out for them how this scholarship can affect you, your studies and your future. And simply put, how it’ll ~lowkey~ benefit them too. Maybe volunteer in their events? Champion their advocacies? You can express your gratitude in more ways than one. Win-win!

Writer’s Tip:

Browse through the scholarship objectives. Then in your own words, describe how all those goals will translate in your life and theirs too.  


Where You See Yourself After 

Education isn’t a one-time gift. It’s a bridge that’ll take you to places someday, and your essay should be able to take them there. With the power of your own words, let them see the future you have in mind! Share your plans, your dreams—even your ambitions. The last thing you want is to get a scholarship, have a good education and… well, nothing follows.

Evaluators want students who are determined and persistent. Since scholarships often come with a certain grade quota to maintain and responsibilities to keep, these are important qualities they look for in an applicant. Prove to them that you’re one tough cookie. For starters, having a long-term vision to cling on helps you make your case.

Writer’s Tip:

When you’re putting into words the future you envision, don’t forget to emphasize how the scholarship will help you get there. The same way that the school or company has to be in the picture!

future is bright


Writing your scholarship essay may be pretty daunting at first glance. It kinda feels like there’s so much to write and none at the same time. When the pressure starts to creep in and you don’t know where to begin, remember that you already have years worth of stories to tell. You just have to put into words that you’re the one they’re looking for. Because you are.

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