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Why Advocacy Matters In Your Scholarship Application

Kids these days are taking the world by storm.

Not by throwing tantrums for the latest iPhone, but by fighting for causes that concern us all. (You slay, guys!)

In recent years, we’ve all seen how more and more students rise up, and support advocacies that change the world—one cause at a time. Think climate justice, women’s empowerment, or free education for all. And the world can simply watch and thank young leaders like you for doing your part (even at such a young age!). 

Now, it’s time to turn the tables and see what advocacy can do for you. Starting off with the ever-competitive  scholarship application process! Whether you’re searching for a scholarship or you’ve started the application process already, we hope this helps you embrace your advocacy better as you get that well-deserved scholarship. Read on!


Pass the screen test with the CV they’re looking for.

To say that scholarship applications are tough is an understatement. Imagine competing with a thousand applicants for a single scholarship. How can you stand out from the crowd? 

Just like in job applications, make sure your curriculum vitae (CV) shows why you’re a perfect fit for that scholarship. Do your homework and research important details like information about the scholarship provider and the scholarship program. As they say, the clue is in the details!

Scholarship providers look for applicants who are strong leaders and good role models. This is where your advocacy comes in! You don’t have to include every single involvement you had in your life, but when you do, make sure it’s relevant to what you stand for and in sync with  their mission and vision.

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Write your essay like you mean it.

Aside from an impressive CV, scholarship providers usually require an essay as part of the requirements, too. After all, this is when they really get to see an applicant’s personality beyond the surface level, and not just your *ahem* long list of achievements *ahem*. Show ‘em what you’re made of!

Anyone can list down positions and awards, but not everyone will be able to tell stories like yours. A scholarship essay includes a writing prompt for you to answer. While there are a lot of ways to answer a topic, make sure your essay highlights your character, values, and of course, your advocacy. 

Tell stories that brought out the best in you, as well as challenges you’ve overcome that contributed to your growth. When you do, your essay (kind of) writes itself for you! Plus, scholarship providers can spot insincerity when they see one.  

P.S. Take note of the scholarship provider’s writing style, tone, and buzzwords. If you must, find a way to integrate how you’ll be able to contribute to their mission and vision, too. 

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Skip the practiced lines during the interview.

So you got shortlisted for the scholarship. Congratulations! (Really, it’s a huge achievement.) When the CV and essay got you into the door, you walk right through it and nail it in the final roundthe interview.

The thing about embracing your advocacy is that it makes you bold and passionate about something, without even trying. You didn’t even have to memorize a spiel to talk about it for hours. You just do! 

So yes, prepare your answers to the usual interview questions. (It’s important, btw.) But don’t forget to bring your stories with you to the interview. The kind that sets you apart from the next 10 interviewees they’ll have after you. Luckily, those stories usually come from things you’re passionate about like your advocacy and interests

What are the things that keep you up and running even after a long day? Yup, talk about those things. Lots of those!

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Good things come to those who stand up for what is right, and use their platform to further their advocacy. You are never too young to make a difference, so let your voice be heard! And getting that scholarship? Treat it as a bonus.

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