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You Don’t Have to Be Einstein to Land A Scholarship

Do I have a shot in landing a scholarship? That’s something a lot of students ask themselves all the time. You may think that you need straight As to land that scholarship, but that’s not necessarily the case!

Certainly, there are plenty of full academic scholarships for the geniuses out there, but there’s a whole lot of different types of scholarships that you can apply for. Find one that fits you best and go for it!

Academic or Merit-Based Scholarships

There are traditional academic or merit-based scholarships that most people are familiar with, but there’s more to that. Many schools do offer an academic scholarship for top applicants, but there are also many scholarships given by external organizations you can apply to. There are also scholarships that look at other fields of well-rounded excellence beyond grades, such as leadership potential and community involvement.

Need-Based Scholarships and Grants

These scholarships primarily look at your income levels. The government offers vouchers to subsidize tuition costs, but some foundations offer grants as well, so be sure to keep an eye out! While grades will always be a factor, they may not be as high as purely merit-based scholarships.

Athletic Scholarships

Schools with a large focus on their athletics may proactively offer talented students a scholarship, but make sure that you manage to balance your studies and training. With a bit of planning, time management and school survival tips, you surely can!!

Priority Courses and Fields-Based Scholarships

If you are interested in the sciences, be sure to check out scholarships that cater to key priority courses. Governments, foundations, and private corporations are supportive of students pursuing high demand courses, such as agriculture, education, and other STEM fields. These scholarships often have a narrower set of applicants and will also give you an indication of courses that are in demand, thus having good employability after graduation!

Study Abroad Scholarships

Why not explore the prospect of studying abroad? It may sound a bit scary at first, but there are international organizations (such as those from Japan, Australia, and Europe, for instance) that offer generous scholarship opportunities to pursue certain courses outside the Philippines.

Ethnicity and Gender-Based Scholarships

Lastly, there are scholarships that target specific ethnicities, nationalities, or gender profiles. Look for scholarships that target developing countries, ASEAN nationals, women, and more. These are often given by foundations and international organizations.

These are some options to consider when trying to finance your education, with scholarships being one of your many options.

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