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You Know You’re A Scholar If…

What comes into mind when you hear the word “scholar”? Your bright, bespectacled classmate who shuffles along corridors with a pile of books? Your Chemistry classmate who always gets the highest grades in class?

So what makes scholars “scholars”, you ask? Contrary to popular belief, scholars are more than just your typical brainy classmate! And if you are one, don’t fret – you’re not alone! Here are 5 ways to see what scholars really have in common:

You take your studies VERY seriously

Of course! There’s a reason why you (or somebody in your class) is a scholar in the first place, right? You’re extremely hardworking and have to maintain a certain grade or make the quota in order to keep your scholarship, so it’s natural for you to be a bit more grade-conscious than others.

You love extracurriculars

You’re extremely active in your college orgs because you can’t stand staying idle and doing nothing. You usually love the responsibilities and the opportunities that come with them – it DOES add to one’s resume, right? Scholars revel at the idea of org works and leadership trainings, where they’re called to shine, pursue, and achieve more.

You budget your monthly stipend to the absolute minimum

Having a monthly stipend means your expenses are covered, as long as you meet the required standard grade. Of course scholars use it for miscellaneous fees like food and groceries, but wouldn’t you feel better knowing you’re financially ensured?

You’re ~*extra*~ competitive

Well, you do have to stay at your best and keep those high grades, right? You’re extremely active during recitations and you’re competitive when it comes to presenting ideas. And if you happen to be paired up with somebody else or you end up in a bigger group, you’re usually the one who takes charge.

You have an active dorm life

Some scholars get to live in a dorm (oftentimes covered by their scholarship) so naturally you’d find yourself in the same building as other scholars. Sometimes, you’ve formed a community amongst yourselves due to your shared interests, but it doesn’t always mean you have to close yourselves off from your non-scholar friends – your lives don’t always revolve around studies!

Of course, all scholars are individuals, too, and have different experiences that shaped them into who they are. The same goes for you, too. After all, you’re human, right?

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