10 Times High School Musical Got Way Too Real For Senior High Students
Senior High

10 Times High School Musical Got Way Too Real For Senior High Students

11 years ago, all the Wildcats in us broke free *pun intended* Troy and Gabriela brought out all the frustrations and pressure that a high school student feels. Mula lovelife hanggang acads, nakaka-relate talaga tayo, bes!

That first day of school walk. Pak! Ganern! Runway ang hallway with your school uniform, matching heels, and fab na school bag.

That school uniforms and dress codes. Hindi magwo-work sa school admin kung hindi yan 2” max na heels at 2” below the knee na skirt.

That attendance in the flag ceremony is a must. Bawal ang tambay sa gate. It’s either papasok ka na sa loob or ikukulong ka na sa labas until sa magsimula ang 7AM class.

Yung lost ka hindi dahil sa theatre or basketball kundi sa pagpili kung Sports or Arts and Design track ang kukunin mo. Either way, senior high would ensure to equip the right tools you need for a job kaya head-on lang!


That time na you owned the stage during a school presentation, especially for those performative arts enthusiasts who want to be the next Lea Salonga or Rachelle Ann Go.

That moment you finally answered that algebra question and showed your teachers na kering-keri mo, teh!

That high school crush. Siyempre, hindi mawawala sa bakit list natin kung bakit hindi tayo crush ng mga crush natin (na crush pa rin natin ngayon).

That pa-cute time ka sa crush mo tuwing titingin siya at halos pa-keme ka kung ngumiti para mahinhin ka kunwari.

Yung overnight mo na homeworks, projects, or test reviews na ginagawa habang nakikinig sa music para labanan ang antok.

That graduation you will never ever ever ever forget because you realized this is the last time you can say goodbye to senior high as you are about to embark a new journey sa college or sa work!

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