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10 Useful Websites For Smarter Studying

Just as important as working hard is working smart. With never ending to-do lists, students need to find ways to be more productive and more efficient with their time. If you think browsing the internet is only about scrolling through news feeds, then you clearly haven’t searched the world wide web enough. There are now a lot of study tools that provide ways for students to finish assignments faster, improve papers and presentations, and even help you recharge.

Here are ten websites that will help tick off items on your to-do list.


Writing Papers


  1. Easybib:  Having a hard time memorizing citation formats? Still confused on the rules of APA, MLA, and Chicago? Easybib gathers the needed information and generates the citation format needed. Correctly cite book, journal, publication, and online resources with Easybib.


  1. Grammarly: Every student, no matter what track in senior high or college program you’re in, would need to write a paper at least once. From simple one-page reaction papers to a full-blown 15-page research paper, Grammarly can help you improve your output instantly. It is a free proofreading tool that looks out for grammar, sentence construction, and spelling mistakes.


Creating Presentations


  1. Prezi: There is the ever-reliable PowerPoint for all kinds of school presentations but for requirements that need a higher notch of creativity and animation, students can try the free online site Prezi. Prezi animates pictures, text, and transitions that look very professional even if it was actually done with just a few clicks.


  1. Canva: Create graphics, posters, greeting cards, social media posts, and other creative materials with Canva. This is a free graphic design website that is simple to use and gives access to an extensive library of templates, illustrations, and fonts.


Group Work


  1. WeTransfer: Working in a group will require you to collaborate on a lot of documents and this might be a problem when the files become too heavy. With WeTransfer, groupmates can easily send and receive files that usually won’t fit an email attachment limit. Simply drag and drop a file on the website, provide the email of the recipient, and leave a short message about the file. Just be mindful of the download link expiration as the files are stored for only a limited time.


  1. Dropbox: Organize and share documents among group members through Dropbox. Each member will be able to access, edit, add, and delete files on shared Dropbox folders which can prove to be especially useful for projects that use different file types for class.




  1. Tomato Timer: Time your study bursts and breaks efficiently with this online timer. Following the Pomodoro Technique of breaking down large tasks into 25 minute intervals followed by short breaks, Tomato Timer can help you manage your time and your list of tasks.


  1. asoftmurmur.com – For some, playing background music can make studying more fun but there are times when the music becomes a distraction instead. For those who prefer to study with background music but need to avoid the distraction, asoftmurmur.com plays ambient sounds in the background. The sounds are enough to to cancel silence, but not too distracting from the task of studying.




  1. Ted Talks: Ted Talks is a library of videos on speeches about social issues, current events, and personal experiences. Students can draw new knowledge and inspiration from this rich resource of speakers from diverse backgrounds and professions.


  1. blog.edukasyon.ph: High school and college students will surely have plenty of questions on student life – from academics and scholarships to study hacks and career options – while for some, they might not even know what questions to ask. Edukasyon.ph’s student lifestyle magazine is the online resource for students at all levels of education. Get to know what school and course options are out there and learn insightful advice through the blog’s many categories.

These websites are just some of the tools that you can use to improve your academic standing but the best tool out there is still the mindset to work hard and the willingness to learn.