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3 Reasons Why Senior High School Students Should Get an Internship

If you have watched The Intern, starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, you would have an idea of what it’s like to be an intern. As shown in the movie, Ben (played by De Niro), assists Jules (played by Hathaway) in her day-to-day tasks; from tidying up desks to reminding her about schedules. Just like how the movie depicts you’re never too old to intern, we believe that you’re never too young as well!

Internships today have evolved into experiential tasks that require you to think on your feet. It’s not simply about running errands and getting coffee as most of you must have seen in movies or have heard from relatives. There are so many reasons you should start applying for internships as early as now-you’ll have new things to learn, people to meet, and experiences to enjoy!

Exploring different careers

If you are unsure of which major to choose for college, internships are the best way to explore different paths to see which is the best fit for you. Let’s say you’re interested in arts and law at the same time. You can intern for a fashion startup or a law firm to test the waters. In my own personal experience, I was unsure if I should pursue social sciences or film. My internship in a non-profit public service program made me realize what I really want out of my future and that is to lead by service. Internships may either strengthen your passion or make you realize that something isn’t for you, and that is okay.

Learning more about yourself

One of the best things about internships is that it gives you the chance to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses with the tasks assigned to you. It helps you understand your own work ethics that will truly be helpful in identifying what you need to work on. Internships also teach you how to manage your time wisely as you juggle school work and your responsibilities as an intern. The real-life exposure allows you to understand the importance of having the grit to succeed in your desired field.

Establishing connections and networking

Internships give you the chance to work with professionals who have been in the workforce for years. This is a good chance to network and establish meaningful connections that will surely be useful once you get in the workforce yourself. Forming connections makes a network and networking makes opportunities. You’ll have a better chance at finding a job and having references on hand when you need them.

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