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5 Causes Of Stress And How To Overcome Them: STEM Edition

High expectations, lack of sleep, constant memorization, brain-wrecking critical thinking exercises…do these sound familiar? How about a full schedule of hard sciences, like physics, chemistry, and biology as well as pre-cal, basic-calculus, gen-math—all of which will tend to overstimulate your brain? Do these words trigger headaches? If you answered yes to anything above, chances are, you must be dealing with stress as a STEM student.

Without a doubt, STEM students like yourself may feel themselves at risk of burnout from all the pressure and workload demanded by the syllabus. As tough as it sounds, STEM “warriors” must pick up their battle gear and face each day head-on in the hopes of being future architects, biologists, doctors, or engineers one day!

But before reaching that dream, here’s a list of instances when STEM students face academic stress and how to cope with them. This way, you can avoid these stressors from affecting your grades and your general well-being. Read and relate!

1. Tight Schedules 

Not only do students deal with simultaneous deadlines, but they also have to fulfill extra-curricular activities. This adds pressure for students to perform well while stressing over the subjects they are already studying for. 

Too much homework, projects, tasks may increase stress and affect the student’s ability to learn. Though understandably, teachers might expect students to overachieve to develop their skills faster. But when will too much be enough? (Give us a break, please!)

Want to take a time out from the never-ending formulas and numbers? Here are some of the things you can do:

Recommended STEM Student Solutions:

2. Demanding Projects 

More and more work is handed over to the students and they are expected to hand in these assignments within a very limited time span. It seems downright impossible to get it all done since these projects are given all at once. This leads you to ask “Which one do I do first?Help!

STEM students have been trained to focus on advanced concepts while ensuring that every project is scientifically accurate and well-researched. From memorizing formulas to executing lab experiments, every step in a big project is crucial, and one mistake can cost STEM students that perfect A. Who wouldn’t want a great result after all the blood, sweat, and tears, right?

STEM Student Tips:

  • At the end of the day, no matter how small, give yourself credit for all the effort you have given for every task you’ve accomplished. Don’t get too overwhelmed with everything that’s on your plate, and celebrate #smallwins!

3. Sleepless Nights 

You know the stress is real when the only choice that’s left is to sacrifice sleep just to catch up on all your homework and projects.

However, as they say—study well, not study hard. What a waste would it be if you lost sleep by memorizing the concepts instead of understanding them?

Also, how annoying would it be if you will get caught up on all of your homework but you’d end up too tired to function the next day? Getting the right amount of sleep is a necessity for STEM students to recharge and focus on the next battle with endless formulas and chemicals.

 If you learn how to manage your time properly, aka time management, you can prevent these scenarios. Yes, you may have seen that phrase everywhere as a solution to all your student problems. But let’s face it, it is a big help.

STEM Student Solutions:

  • With the load that’s piling up on your plate, you may need to double-time your productivity. Check out these hacks!!
  • Ready to get the sleep you deserve? Maximize your time and you may soon get the rest you’ve been needing after a very long week.

4. Peer Pressure 

In a world of high expectations, you may get intimidated by overachieving classmates. You may tend to be aware or conscious of your classmates’ capabilities, contributing to the stress you’re giving yourself because you would want to be the same—or more. With the expectations that STEM students have to deal with, they tend to compete with each other to get the top spot or rank on the class list. As a result, you’re stressing yourself out even more. 

STEM Student Solutions:

  • Drop that weight from your shoulders and enjoy school instead of sweating the small stuff.   
  •  Your grades don’t define you. You’ll soon see that this way, you get to loosen up and shine your own way.

5. Family Pressure 

Along with the pressure, fear creeps in the life of every STEM student as well; the fear of failing to make their parents proud. Of course, the pressure is there to owe it to them for allowing you to make it this far. But overthinking will build up all the unnecessary pressure inside of you. Sooner or later, you’ll find out that your parents are proud of you either way anyway. They want you to succeed in all areas of life. As long as you’re doing your best.

STEM Student Solutions:

  • Take the time to talk to your parents about the things that stress you out and ask them for stress management tips or hacks, and work together to resolve them.
  • While your family means well, you can seek inspiration on your own as well and find your own measure of success. Give yourself time to search for inspirational videos online and grab encouragement from other students who have once walked through your path. 

STEM can be an exciting and challenging strand an avenue for aspirants in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. But don’t let the stress get to you, whether it’s by peer pressure or your own high expectations. Do your best (and have fun while you’re at it!) to make the most of your time in school.

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