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5 Classroom Energizers Every Teacher Should Try Out

Getting the kids out of #vacationmode and back into school spirit is no joke, especially if all they want to do is scroll endlessly on social media and go home to Netflix.

No worries –with this roundup of energizers that can be modified across levels, your class will have no choice but to be as alert as they are with their Messenger notifications:

  1. Race for the Truth – Ideal for a class of 15-20 students at most, but as long as everyone can form a single shoulder-to-shoulder line at one end of the classroom (or maybe even the gymnasium), then this can work. Prepare a list of about 30 general truths (for example: I have a dog). For every truth that applies to the student, they get to move one step forward. Whoever gets to the finish line first, wins! Everyone also gets to find out a little more about the people around them.

Alertness level required: 3/5


  1. Architect – A creative improvisation game that’s ideal for groups of 4 or 5. Give each group the same random items (string, Post-its, pens, etc.) and challenge each group to build small models of different objects that they should show everyone at the count of 5 (an elephant, a car, etc.). No two objects should be the same, so the groups  with the same idea don’t earn any points. This encourages teamwork under pressure, creativity, and quick thinking.

Alertness level required: 4/5

  1. The Number Game – This is a classic, but never easy! For five rounds, give the class a chance to count from 1 to x (depending on how many they are). The catch is that there is no particular person assigned to call out a number, so if two students shout out at the same time, everyone has to start over again. (No one gets to shout out twice!) This can be modified for lessons as well by replacing numbers with any topic that involves enumeration (e.g. Elements that are non-metals, verbs that start with W, etc.).

Alertness level required: 5/5


  1. Name Pictionary – This will take a little more time, but it’s definitely worth trying. Have the class write down their names in pictures (For example, Ann can write her name with an Apple, a Nose, a Net.). Afterwards, the class will go around and figure out each other’s names based on the first letter of each thing that was drawn. Whoever gets everyone’s names right first wins a prize.

Alertness level required: 3/5


  1. Toilet Paper – Not so much of an energizer, but it’s pretty amusing to see and hear the results (Also very ideal for the first day of classes). Give the class a box of tissue paper to unravel and tell them to get as many pieces as they like. Afterwards, reveal that for every piece of toilet paper they got, they would have to say one fact about themselves. (Because, for some reason, kids are bound to get a lot, you can expect to hear a lot of interesting facts!)

Alertness level required: 3/5


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