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5 College Courses fit for ABM Students

People often think the Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM) strand is all about the money or climbing steep corporate ladders. Well, it’s much more than that, especially in recent years. Sure, these courses improve your knowledge of finance, accounting, and corporate strategies. But those are just the basics.

The real work is in turning your brilliant ideas into products or services that’ll change the world. Or perhaps using your negotiation skills and strategies to guide companies and consumers into making beneficial long-term decisions. Fancy yourself a powerful girl boss or savvy businessman? Take the plunge through these college courses for ABM students.

1. BS Entrepreneurship

Fancy yourself a boss lady or CEO of your own company? Take up BS Entrepreneurship for starters.

Want to turn your passions to profit? You’ll need to be creative and driven with smooth communication skills to boot. Learn everything about starting up and managing a business through classes like marketing and commerce, business communication, business accounting, human behavior in organizations, and finally, business implementation. Think you could be your own product? Social media entrepreneurship is something you can look into after you graduate.

2. BS Business Administration

BS Business Administration is a college course where you learn how to run a company.

They say Business Administration is a ticket to a high-level job in the corporate world. So if you’ve fantasized about that top floor office and CEO nameplate, get ready to work for it. Business administration lays out the big picture of managing a business with classes like financial analysis, business strategies, and even business ethics. You’ll learn daily operations and how to maximize resources while upping your leadership skills.

3. BSBA Economics

Got money (and math) on your mind? Curious about the state of the world? A degree in business economics could be a good fit for you. Graduates of this course become valuable assets to various high profile industries beyond corporations. Think research and tech firms, governments, and international relations. It’s a great pre-law course, too, since you take classes like statistics, taxation laws, finance and accounting, ethics, plus macro- and microeconomics.

4. BSBA Marketing Management

Think of brands and products that changed your life. For example cell phones, casual wear, even the pop bands you love. What they have in common is solid marketing. They understand how they can connect their purpose with you. Marketing students take classes like consumer behavior, public relations, brand management, and also advertising. If you’re interested in one day being the force behind a life-changing brand, this might be your course!

5. BS Human Resource Management

Are you the mediator in your friend group? Love meeting new people? Consider Human Resource Management where you’ll learn to recruit, train, motivate, and keep team members within a company. People skills and time management are essential. You’ll brush up on these skills in classes like business organization and management, speech communication, training and development. Sometimes even psychology!

The ABM strand is paving the way for more influential solutions. Again, it’s not just about the numbers—though it is a huge bonus. Many businesses both global and local are acting more consciously and on grander scales. Social enterprises are founded on giving back to communities or the environment.

If you’ve got a big heart and bigger dreams, then why not learn more about the ABM strand? Check out the ABM page on Edukasyon.ph.