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5 College Courses Fit for HUMSS Graduates

The Humanities and Social Science or HUMSS strand covers a wide range of disciplines. This is why it is curious to hear people ask What can you do with that strand? When in fact, students who will be pursuing college degrees after this strand will have to delve deeper to many different subjects such as arts, culture, politics, history, and philosophy. This opens up opportunities for students to choose a wide array of courses to study and pursue.

So, here are some college courses fit for HUMSS graduates.

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing

With subjects like creative writing and creative nonfiction: the literary essay, HUMSS students are trained in writing and storytelling. For students who dream of becoming a storyteller in the future, the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing is perfect for them. The BA Creative Writing program is a four-year course that is designed to guide aspiring student writers in the different genres of literature namely fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and even comics. Creative Writing classes are usually held in workshop form in which students are free to comment on each other’s works. The goal is to help each other improve their writing skills. Graduates of this course can become a novelist, poet, writing teacher or professor, writer in ad agencies or game development companies.

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Reading and speaking abilities as well as critical thinking are developed when taking the HUMSS strand. These are essential if you want to take BA Philosophy. Taking BA Philosophy involves courses such as logic, history, and other contemporary but controversial if not immediate issues such as abortion and poverty—subjects that are usually debated on. Graduates of this course can become a lawyer, philosopher, college professor, or diplomat.

  1. Bachelor of Arts in History

HUMSS graduates are familiar with world and Philippine histories. Their love of reading and writing, their critical thinking ability, and their natural sense of curiosity make them ideal to take BA History. The Bachelor of Arts in History is a four-year degree program that helps students understand the present by studying the past and vice versa. Graduates of BA History can become a politician, lawyer, historian, journalist, teacher, or librarian.

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Literature

Graduates of the HUMSS strand are equipped with reading comprehension, writing, and researching skills that are much needed if they want to pursue a degree in Literature. A Literature degree offers its students an understanding of the world through reading and analyzing written works of prominent and intellectual people around the world. Graduates of BA Literature can become a teacher, writer, lawyer, politician,or journalist.

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication

We all know by now that HUMSS students have good communication skills—they are good at writing and speaking—making them a great fit for a BA Speech Communication degree. A four-year degree program, the BA Speech Communication course covers basic interpersonal communication between people, public speaking, and oral debate. Students will spend time delivering oral speeches by applying different types of communication and communication theories. Graduates of this course can become a teacher, reporter, broadcaster, journalist, speech writer, or media relations director.

Studying under the HUMSS strand gives you a lot of interesting opportunities. By being trained with interpersonal and communication skills such as speaking, reading, and writing, humanities graduates and  HUMSS students are needed in today’s society. Especially now that we live in a technology-driven world, looking at things with a human perspective is essential if we want to build a better place.

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