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5 Cool Things About the GAS Strand

1.    This is for the undecided.

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“I’m athletic but I love writing too.” or “I’m into painting and drawing but I want to be a journalist.” If you have these questions, GAS is perfect for you. GAS is the go-to strand for students who are still “feeling their way around” with which track to take in Senior High School.

2. HUMSS-ish, but not exactly.


The GAS strand is similar to HUMSS because GAS has subjects like Humanities and Social Sciences too! So students from the GAS strand can take subjects like Creative Writing/Malikhaing Pagsulat, Creative Nonfiction, and Introduction to World Religions and Belief Systems.


3. It’s a bit more difficult to enter higher education.

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Students from the GAS strand will have a few problems with qualifying for certain majors. When a student wants to go into Accounting, he/she could not take it up just yet because he/she would not have had the introductory accounting subjects.

4. GAS has Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction as one of its specialized subjects.

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Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction is a modified version of the Core Subject for STEM students. It allows students to do things such as interpret different earthquake and hydro meteorological hazard maps, identify fire triangles, and develop a community preparedness plan.

5. Anything could happen!


Cue Ellie Goulding, anything could happen in GAS! In this strand, students will be given a chance to get two electives, meaning two specialized subjects from a different track or strand. With GAS, you get to explore and know what you really want to be!
GAS = Whatever floats your boat!
Hope you enjoyed this blog on 5 Coolest Things About GAS!
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