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5 KDramas That Will Make You Choose HUMSS

Choosing which track and strand to take in Senior High is one of the most challenging decisions millennials have to make nowadays, choosing which Korean TV series a.k.a KDramas to binge-watch 24/7 is most probably running for a close second. #realtalk

If you haven’t noticed lately, almost everyone seemed to have moved in the Hallyu nation already— from food, music to skincare routines! And chances are, if you haven’t packed your bags yet with all things Korean, you must have at least heard a K-pop song on the radio or seen an oppa on the television once in your life.


With all the craze and popularity that KDramas enjoy, you might as well take a cue from some of it for your SHS decision-making. After all, isn’t it fun to realize your K-Idols can actually help you decide on these things? *fangirl heartseu flutters*

If you’re thinking about taking Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand but still needs a little convincing, here are 5 KDramas you can “study” ASAP:



If you have a nose for news and want to be a journalist or reporter, then good news (pun intended) for you! This TV series gives you a glimpse of what life awaits you in the news industry, complete with all fact-checking and manipulation schemes.

With a fictional “Pinocchio syndrome” that gives away lies through hiccups, you can bet on a sassy but honest female lead Choi In-Ha (hello, Park Shin-Hye!) to deliver no fake news. Did we mention Lee Jong-Suk as male lead? #yassss

man and woman hugging


Masters of Study

Throughout our school life, we meet all sorts of teachers. There are those we like, those we don’t like, and those who made an impact in our lives. This Korean adaptation of Dragon Zakura, a Japanese comic series, introduces you to all three in one person.

If you have a heart for teaching, take a seat and learn from Kang Suk-Ho (played by Kim Su-Ro) as he helps five underachieving students get into the most prestigious college in the country. #goals

PS. If all teachers are like him, we promise not to snooze in class!

student sleeping in class


She Was Pretty

Ever wondered how magazines came to be? If you have a knack with words and full of creative juices (plus can handle deadliest deadlines), then go ahead and flip into this TV series! It gives you an exciting preview of career paths in the fast-paced world of publishing like editors, writers, and artists.

Not to mention a storyline that reminds us that “when someone is doing something that they really want to do, that’s when they look the most beautiful.” Agree? Because we do!

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Interested about taking law… or even just knowing how to NOT get jailed? This KDrama remake of USA Network’s Suits sentences you with the same level of legal jargons that will make you plead guilty of binge-watching the entire season in one sitting. It’s a good start, too, if you want to be familiar with the in and outs of the courtroom!

Plus, how can you even say no to Park Hyung-Sik????



While You Were Sleeping

If you can see the future, would you either be a prosecutor, field reporter, or police officer? Whichever you choose, you sure won’t mind losing sleep over this one!

This KDrama follows the story of three characters who have the ability to foresee the future through dreams (read: sleep is good!!). So if your dream involves pursuing a career in media or public administration, you might want to watch this… not while you’re sleeping, of course!

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Who knew watching TV series can be this helpful? Whether you’re fully convinced to take the HUMSS path or you still need to watch more KDramas for ~guidance~, always remember that good decisions start with an informed mind. Hwaiting!

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