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5 Shows That’ll Make You Want To Choose ICT Strand

Were you fascinated with the Xbox 360 you played with your siblings and friends when you were a child? Now there’s virtual reality (VR) that lets you feel like you’re really inside the game! Not to mention those cool apps and mobile games that keep you *ehem* glued to your phone for hours. Amazing, right?

If you’re a tech geek still wondering what strand to take in SHS, Information Communication and Technology or ICT strand might be a good choice for you!

Still can’t decide? Here’s your dose of #lit Netflix shows and movies that’ll make you want to choose ICT strand right now.


1.Ready Player One

If you love playing with VR, this movie welcomes you to the year 2045 where people are now living through a virtual reality entertainment universe using an avatar. Get your mind blown because Wade Watts and Parzival, his avatar (played by Tye Sheridan), will give you a thrilling ride back to your childhood through futuristic technology. Join Wade’s task of finding the Golden Easter Egg while uncovering the details inside the fascinating life of game creator James Halliday. Be inspired to take on ICT by the brilliant mix of live action and CGI scenes rolled into one.

2. Big Hero 6

If your picture of someone studying robotics and programming is an eyeglass-wearing geek sitting in front of a computer all day, well, let robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada prove you wrong. Big Hero 6 is an action-packed comedy-adventure about Hiro and his extremely lovable *heart eyes* personal healthcare companion robot named Baymax. Aside from the cuteness overload, it’s also interesting to learn about the different real-life scientific concepts featured in this movie.

3. </Scorpion>

If you believe that ICT strand means #codingislife, then you’ll need to meet the savages of Netflix series </Scorpion>. Loosely based on the life of computer expert Michael O’Brien, </Scorpion> tackles a number of topics involving coding, engineering and psychology, through its A-team of behaviorist Toby Curtis and math wiz Sylvester Dodd. Together, they are hired to help solve complex problems and execute sophisticated hackings that pose threats to humanity. And did we forget to mention the kick-ass female mechanical engineer Happy Quinn included in the team?

4. Wall-E

How far can technology go? Wall-E will take you to the distant year 2805 where all human activities now rely on robots from eating, changing of clothes, and mobility. Wall-E, the only trash-compactor robot left on Earth after humans abandoned the planet, embarks on a journey with EVE, a sleek robot tasked to look for any signs of habitability on Earth.

Wall-E’s cute adventure (and love story *wink*) will surely melt your heart out. But it will also wake you up to some important issues like consumerism and extreme dependence on technology.

5. Iron Man

Even if you’re not a fan of the movie or the MCU, Tony Stark aka Iron Man will surely still amaze you with his intelligence, humor, and even arrogance.

If you’ve ever into techy tools and inventions, then his power suit, sophisticated AI assistant J.A.R.V.I.S, arc reactor, and nanotechnologies will be all that you ever want!

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