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5 Study Apps That Will Make STEM Learning Extra Fun

How many hours in a day do you spend scrolling through your phone?

If we were just a li’l honest, the answer is a lot. And don’t worry! No judgments here because we understand how technology has made these devices a need for our everyday lives. In fact, as a student, we encourage you to take advantage of the countless apps in the market that aims to help learning more accessible and fun. In this case, STEM learning to be exact! Don’t you want that? (We know you do.)

Let’s not confine your STEM learning to a lab or a lecture hall. Free up some space in your devices and download these apps stat!


NASA Visualization Explorer

Calling out all the Earth and space science geeks out there! If you got your eyes on the sun, moon, and all things up above, then this app is for you. Treat yourself to an out of this world adventure (pun intended) with NASA’s fleet of research spacecraft. No passport required. Just your NASA Visualization Explorer app!

Through this portal, you’ll get access to the latest news and stories on space-based research complete with brilliant images and engaging animations. Talk about reaching for the stars!



Whoever said programming ain’t fun needs to download SoloLearn ASAP! Whether you’re just learning to speak Java, Python and C++ or you’re already a pro at coding, this app deserves a spot in your device.

Through fun and engaging in-app coding exercises, quizzes, challenges, and forum, you can now learn programming anytime, anywhere on any device. How convenient can it be, right? Well, as easy as downloading this app.



This is not a drill. If you’re an engineering or architecture student, then here’s a good news for you. We might have just found your favorite app- the TurboViewer! Through this software, you can easily work on your 2D and 3D drafts on the go. (Yup, you read that right.)

Draw, navigate, pan, zoom, or even play around with your model in just a tap or swipe! And as if you needed more reason to download this award-winning app, it has sharing features too so you can easily send and discuss your ideas with your pals. Awesome!



Want to improve your math skills? Download Mathspace on your device! This incredible app has thousands of math questions on topics like algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics so you won’t need to worry about missing anything. We’re pretty sure you’ll be a Math wizard in no time!

With extensive math curriculums integrating that of Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, you can be assured that your grades will add up just fine. Talk about international standards! *wink wink*



Let’s just agree to say that science can be intimidating. Just thinking about those formulas, equations, and chemical reactions is enough to give students a headache! (Do you get one of those too or it is just us?) Well, Algodoo can change that.

By making science concepts more fun and engaging, this 2D interactive simulation app allows students like you to tinker with objects and play with physics in just a click, drag, tilt, and shake!


Have you decided which of these apps to download? Whether you’re getting one or all, we hope these tools help you study better and do well—in and out of the classroom. After all, if these STEM learnings are easily accessible on your devices, what can stop a young genius like you from achieving awesome things in science and tech?

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