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5 Study Tips to Get Through Hell Week

Shookening kasi ang dami ng deadlines, besh!

March has come and we all know what it means.

But not to burst your bubble, you’re just ALMOST there and we still have one struggle to pass: FINALS, or better put it, HELL WEEK.

Yep. Heard that right, though we gotchu, fam! Here are 5 survival tips to get you through this.

  1. Manage your time.

Plan it out. Study smart not just hard. Planning what to study at a certain hour can help you manage that heavy study load. It would also be less tiring and stressful to your body. You can start by trying to break down big chunks of time into small learning hours.

P.S. Take away your distractions or try to go away from them.

2. Get enough (or just some) sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation (Yes, may org na ganito) said that enough sleep of more than 6 hours a night is a good habit to manage stress and concentrate better. Disconnect with all your gadgets and try to put them as far as you can from your head to stop your from keeping you awake.

3. Eat good food.

Yep! Healthy diet = healthy grades! WebMD suggests you should eat smart foods to keep you focused. These are milk, fish, dark chocolate, nuts, dark green vegetables,  beans, red meat, and eggs.

4. Read and review and read and review… then break.

Of course! Read and review and repeat nth times because that’s how studying is. Read over your notes and try to understand them not just memorize. But be mindful that you should take a break and get some fresh air  from studying too. It’s not that bad naman.

If you’ve been studying for 45 minutes, you can take a 5-10 minute and break. If it’s longer than 3 hours, then take a break for 30 minutes. This would help your brain in absorbing what you’re studying.

5. Ask yourself.

What better way to know if kuha mo other than testing yourself. This is the ebst way to know if you have totally understood what you have been reading in the past nth hours. This will also familiarize you with what you are studying.



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