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5 TED Talks That’ll Bring Out the Geek In You: STEM Edition

Nothing spells productivity and fun more accurately than spending time with your fellow geeks. Like tbh, who else can you run to and talk about your interests without judgments regardless of how menial or out of this world it may seem? #realtalk

If Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) picks your brain, then there’s no other perfect time to talk about it than now—only with a virtual community of geeks. You ready?

With a series of awesome TED Talks (read: a black hole of fascinating short talks that promotes ideas worth spreading) lined up to fill your science fantasy to an overdrive, we picked out five thought leaders and their insights on topics like agriculture, engineering, health care, information technology to mathematics and science. We gotchu fam!

So drop whatever you’re doing and watch all these five videos in an hour… or less. Happy learning slash binge-watching!    


Electrical experiments with plants that count and communicate  – Greg Gage

Plants and Zombies might just have been proven true… well, at least for the plants part! In an attempt to explain graduate-level science to a crowd of young wiz (like you!), Neuroscientist Greg Gage brings the lab (plus a Venus flytrap and a Mimosa pudica a.k.a. makahiya plant) on the TED stage to prove that plants can actually count and communicate like us hoomans. Green thumbs up! (pun intended)


Silicon-based comedy  – Heather Knight

As if we aren’t fascinated enough with robots as it is, Heather Knight lets Data, her robot slash stand-up comedian, tag along on her TED talk and crack some jokes. When art meets science, a star is born! (read: not Lady G). So sit back, relax and enjoy a robot entertainment like no other. Also, prepare some laughs too. Data’s looking out for audience feedback, you know!!


Your fingerprints reveal more than you think  – Simona Francese

Nobody knows you more than your own fingerprint. And chemist, Simona Francese, has evidence to prove it (read: Be. Careful. Where. You. Leave. Fingerprints.). Using fancy detective technology a.k.a. mass spectrometry, forensic science just got way cooler! Think Dr. House and Sherlock Holmes coming together for some real-life criminal hunting. And one thing’s for sure, this TED talk will definitely leave a mark on you! IYKWIM


This virtual lab will revolutionize science class  – Michael Bodekaer

Boring, ineffective and expensive. These are some adjectives students associate with science. And if you second the motion, then we’ve good news for you! Michael Bodekaer demos how virtual reality (yup, that one with a headset on) can revolutionize science education and learning. Who knows… after watching this TED talk, Science might just be your next favorite subject! Ready to do some cool science experiments in a virtual lab?


Machine intelligence makes human morals more important  – Zeynep Tufekci

What can’t computers and its algorithms do nowadays? Like srsly! Just one look at your social media feed and it sure knows way too much about what you like, love, hate and even want to see right. at. this. instant. In this TED talk, Techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci makes a case for human morals in the age of machine intelligence and how it might NOT always be a good idea to replace decision-making only humans should do. Also, it might just make you think twice about what you post online! *double checks social media account*


There’s so much breakthroughs in Science and Technology that need to be heard and given much thought to every day. Learn more about it and start meaningful conversations in class or in virtual learning spaces like these TED talks. After all, the world needs more thought leaders like you!

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