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5 TED Talks To Fuel Your Creativity (Arts and Design Edition)

It’s such a fulfilling challenge to be in the SHS Arts and Design Track. You’re enrolled in some pretty cool and fun classes like multimedia or performing arts, for one. But what happens when schoolwork piles up and all that criticism gets you down? Turn to something to refill those creative juices, like TED Talks for example.

We think inspiration comes out of nowhere. That’s why artists sometimes feel like they run out of ideas. But what if there’s a different way to look into creativity?

Here are some creativity-boosting TED Talks for when inspo is running low!

The Art of Creativity – Taika Waititi

This is the funniest TED Talk you will ever watch. Granted, he directed of Thor: Ragnarok, so that explains the quirkiness. Challenge yourself to stay weird and out of the box. Sometimes the struggle of being in SHS Arts and Design can be solved by looking at things differently.

Your elusive creative genius – Elizabeth Gilbert

The world expects so many things from artists. We get it every day as arts and design kids. Nobody asks other students, “Hey, how’s your STEM block going?” or “Are you gonna be a starving scientist, too?” Maybe creative genius is this out-of-body, almost spiritual guide that helps us through the process.

Want to be more creative? Go for a walk – Marily Oppezzo

Walk or sprint. Don’t run. This short and sweet video might just get you out of that creative rut. If not, well, it’ll give you another thing to do while coming up with creative solutions.

How to find a wonderful idea – OK Go

You might already recognize OK Go as that band with the crazy complex and creative music videos. The ones with the Goldberg machines and treadmills. Here’s the lowdown into their radical headspace.

4 Lessons in Creativity – Julie Burstein

Artists will always be challenged by perfectionism, perspective, and process. What’s interesting is that no matter the medium, there’s always something we can learn from our diversity.

Trust in the process. Develop your own discipline. You have a gift, your own genius. It’s all about finding that sweet spot. Thank you for coming to our TED Talks.

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