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5 things You Have To Know About the HUMSS Strand

HUMSS? humus? humss? Food ba ‘to?  This is it. Humanities and Social Sciences Strand.

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1. It’s for the curious-minded.

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Some might see the HUMSS strand as boring ‘coz of its specialization subjects like Philippine Politics and Governance, World Religions and Belief Systems, and Social Sciences but it isn’t if you’re constantly curious about the world. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it was the satisfaction that brought it back.


2. Predict the future. 

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Introduction to World Religions and Belief Systems is meant to familiarize the student with the range of human experiences. From the ancient religions to the newest technological advances, HUMSS students have the chance to predict the future because they will spend time looking at the past and learning from all the mistakes and successes of humanity since the beginning of time. In short, study History and its relevance to the contemporary world. YEY the nerds!

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3. List down “writing” as one of your hobbies. NAKS!

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HUMSS students are expected to read and write a lot. With subjects like Creative Writing and Creative Nonfiction, you’ll learn how to write poetry, fiction, and drama. For the writers at heart, there’s no more denying that passion.


4. Get a superpower: read minds! 

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Well, not exactly read minds but with HUMSS, you will have the ability to understand how people think and why they think that way. One of the possible careers a HUMSS graduate can have is by being a psychologist. You can take up courses like Psychology, Human Capital Development, and Humanities in college.


5. Your future careers are very fulfilling. 

Careers like being a lawyer, teacher, and diplomat are very rewarding. You will be able to contribute to the world by bringing justice, molding the youth, or creating friendships between countries. Being in the HUMSS strand gives you the chance to make a mark in the world!

HUMSS = True Blue Millennial!


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42 thoughts on “5 things You Have To Know About the HUMSS Strand”

  1. Ask ko Lang po , Paano kung gusto kong Kanin sa College ay NURSING pwede bang Kunin ko sa Senior high ang HUMSS ?

    1. Ang preferred strand kapag kukunin mo sa college ay Nursing is STEM. Pero pwede mong kunin ang HUMSS strand sa SHS kahit na Nursing ang gusto mo sa college, pero mahihirapan ka sa course mo kung hindi tugma yung kinuha mong strand sa SHS. So mas maganda parin na may connect yung strand na pipiliin mo sa course na kukunin mo sa college.

    2. hindi po, kasi iba kasi yung mga subjects na kukunin sa HUMSS, dapat kasi sa STEM po yung nursing kasi doon po nakafocus yung course mo po

    1. Hi. Im planning to take HUMSS as my shs track next school year, pero di ko po sure if anong courses pwede ko’ng kunin after shs. Yung public relations po ba pary rin po ng humss? Or is it under ABM? Pano po if gusto ko sana mag business administration after shs pwede parin po bang Humss kunin ko? Connected parin po kaya? Sorry po ang daming questions. Confusing po kasi talaga pumili ng track :((

      1. You can take philosophy, English, literature, fine arts, history, history, social sciences, economics, etc. there are so many opportunities for you when you take humss. 🙂 And yup, PR is still humss… it’s like the humss part of ABM in a way. 😉

  2. Kung gusto ko pong maging director. Yung director ng movies and teleserye. Is HUMSS the appropriate track for it?

    1. Hi Jett,

      Being a director covers a lot of disciplines. You can take up HUMSS or the Arts & Design track if you would like to be a film director. Thank you!

  3. hi po pano po pag archaeology kukunin ko HUMSS po ba track na kukunin ko anong strand po?
    mag shs na po kase ako next year and nagreready na hehe thank you po

      1. Hi Britney, yes you can take HUMSS if you would like to seek a career in fashion design. 🙂 Best of luck!

  4. Hello 🙂 I’m currently on STEM right now, kaso nahihirapan ako sa Pre-cal to the point bumabagsak ako palagi sa mga test. Psychology ang kukunin kong course sa college. Dapat ba akong manatili sa STEM or mag shift ako ng HUMSS?

    1. Hi Kylle,

      Pre-cal is a hard subject and we hope you find ways to excel at it. 🙂 You can of course shift to HUMSS, but please take note that you might have one or two back subjects to take. So weigh your options (and what your parents might say!). Hope you find this tip helpful. 🙂

      1. Hi po, I’m planning to take up Legal management for my pre-law course. I am currently a Humss student, is legal management under Humss?

      2. Hi Rochie, You can use HUMSS for legal management, but in college, more often legal management is under the school of management. 🙂

  5. I’m thinking na pumasok sa Philippine Military academy. Anong mas suitable na strand ang dapat na kunin ko? is it stem or Humss?

  6. Still confused pa rin po ako kung Psychology or Tourism kukunin ko sa college, so habang may time pa para mag-isip, ok lang ba na HUMSS yung kukunin kong strand ngayon? Kaka shift ko lang po ngayon.

  7. Hello po! Akma po ba ang HUMSS kung ang kukunin ko po is BS Geography or mas akma po ang STEM para doon? Thanks in advance! 😊

    1. Hi Lisa. BS Psychology is more of a pre-med course at pwede ka mag-aral ng STEM strand. Ang AB Psychology naman is more of a pre-law courses kaya maganda kung mag-aral ka ng HUMSS.

  8. Hi po! 🙂 plan ko sanang kunin na course ay BS Psychology. Okay lang ba kung STEM ang strand? Thank you in advance 🙂

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