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5 Times Technology Surprised Us Again in 2019

With the pace that we’re going in the tech industry, we’re not surprised anymore if we see people teleporting themselves to work to escape the morning traffic. In 2019, humanity did it again! We have pushed the limits once again of what technology can and cannot do.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, but these 10 technological innovations blew our minds the most:


1. Smarter assistants

Most of us know Bixby, Siri, and Alexa. We call them AI assistants. They have been released in recent years to make our mobile phones more efficient. However, in 2019, these AIs became smarter. Yup, they did! New technologies were added where they’d be able to control, not only your mobile phone, but also your home systems and cars as well. Seems like the robots are taking over, right?

The more information you feed these AI, the more predictive they become of your actions. With AI applications becoming even more extensive, we can only expect more surprises in the AI division in the years to come. Any requests in mind for your AI assistant?


2. Life on your hand… or wrist

Another tech trend in 2019 emerged in the form of wearables. You know them! Those all-in-one wristbands that allow you to do ~almost~ anything. These wearables are compatible with mobile devices and designed to be portable like a watch. Only that it can count your steps, receive text and emails, and even accurately check your ECG stats. Now, that’s fashion made useful!


3. The reality that’s too real but isn’t real

There is now a different space that exists around us, and it’s called the virtual reality. In 2019, more realistic and engaging virtually reality systems emerged. This makes it possible for you to play mobile games that are more realistic and interactive. Even exercising indoors can now feel like you are running outside in a scenic countryside without stepping out of your house. Where do you want to go? Virtual reality can take you there.


4. Cars without drivers

We have yet to see flying cars roaming our streets. But not auto-driving cars. In 2019, these smart vehicles made its debut in the automobile industry. Again. This time, only better. Thanks to years of trial and error, this technology we only see on James Bond films is now a reality. Imagine sitting down in a car and taking you to your destination without even lifting a finger? Ah, the wonders of technology.


5. Magic pill to see your body organs

If only doctors could see our body organs clearer, diagnostics could be more accurate to treat diseases. Well, say no more. The future of healthcare is brighter with the Gut Prob Pill! This invention makes the body exploration safer, more efficient, and less painful. It’s only as big as a pill, and yet it can show clearer organ imageries for better diagnosis. What a time to be alive for our doctors!


Bonus: Burger without the added pounds

If you like burgers, raise your hand! If you like eating burgers without gaining weight, raise your hand higher! Well, this year scientists have finally created a healthy and meat-free burger that’s similar to your favorite meal, minus the few pounds it brings.

This development was brought about by a growing population of obese people, at the same time, increasing number of cows being farmed unethically. Either way, this lab-grown meat is good news for burger lovers.

P.S. The taste of cow-free burger is still in the process of being refined. Be patient!


The times are changing, and it’s changing fast! Thanks to the continuous innovation in science and technology (S&T), human lives are becoming more efficient and convenient. Which of these inventions surprised you the most? With the coming of a new decade, we say brace yourself for more. Because tbh, the human minds are endless.

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