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5 Tips to Overcome Uncertainties in Choosing a SHS Strand

“I don’t know what strand to choose in senior high, what should I do?”

Junior high is over, now it’s time to take the next big leap in your student life –choosing a strand for senior high.

Browsing through the list of available tracks offered by the school you’re planning to attend, you may be constantly bombarded with different thoughts about the path ahead of you. “Is this really the right track for me?”, “Will I ever get a job if I pursue this strand?”, “Kakayanin ko ba itong strand na ‘to?”

And while some students seem to not have any problem recognizing their true calling, the pressure may feel a bit greater especially when you find yourself in the middle of a crossroad, not knowing which way to go.

If you are still quite unsure, here are 4 tips to help you find the right strand for you:

1. Assess yourself

Ask yourself, “What are my interests?” Are you good in public speaking? Do you love math? Are you fascinated with science? Write down all the things that you love doing and areas that you are excelling. Another important thing to consider is the result of your NCAE. The National Career Assessment Examination is a test given to graduating junior high school students geared towards providing information and awareness about a student’s aptitude to serve as their career guide.

2. Think ahead

Having a number of interests can sometimes make you feel confused, especially if you are performing well in a lot of areas.

Aside from knowing your passion, you also need to consider your future career. You may, for example, love sports but don’t see athletics as a career you see yourself doing on a daily basis. When considering a strand, choose one that would best prepare you for your dream job.

Do you want to be a doctor? There’s a STEM strand for you. Want to be an entrepreneur and enter the business industry? Why not try ABM? The ultimate goal of senior high school is to equip you for your future career path.

3. Ask for advice

If you need additional advice in choosing the best strand for you other than those from your parents, consulting a professional counsellor from your school or from reputable institutions could give you more options. Talking with professionals can help you determine which strand matches your skills and interest. Professional career counselors can also facilitate psychometric exams and discuss the results to help you weigh different career decisions.

4. Do your research

One of the things that you can do to overcome your fears in choosing a strand is to research about it. There are a lot of references about senior high tracks that you can check online. So if you are considering to take a  certain strand but don’t know much about it, try visiting the school’s website and look for the program description as well as the requirements to see if it matches with your skills. You can also ask upperclassmen who are enrolled in that strand to know about their personal experiences.

5. Believe in yourself

Still having those “Kakayanin ko ba to?” moments? If you’re still doubting yourself and your abilities, just remember: no strand is better or more difficult that the other. After you assess yourself and find a strand that suits you best, claim it! Bid goodbye to your inner-critic and pursue your dream career path. Don’t let those doubts hinder you from maximizing your potential.

The road to success in senior high school isn’t without its bumps and detours, but it is what makes your student life worthwhile. Keep in mind that you have a support system –your teachers, classmates, friends, family, and Edukasyon.ph to guide you every step of the way.

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