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6 Benefits of Taking an Internship before Senior High

With the implementation of the K-12 program, Filipino students are now ideally better equipped for college, employment or starting a business. With these opportunities, one must know which path he or she is going to take even before taking a senior high school track. This is why taking an internship before senior high school is important. Here are some of the benefits of taking an internship before senior high:


Narrow down your list of potential careers.

Going on an internship in a certain field will help you realize if you really like a career you are eyeing for so long. Your exposure to the work as an intern will help you decide better about your future career path.

Network with professionals.

By interning early, you can also start building your own network early. Your supervisors in the office are the best people you can ask for advice for your future career in their fields. They can also open the door for job opportunities.

Gain hands-on skills.

Taking an internship in whatever field you like will help you gain valuable skills relevant to the field. If you take an internship in a graphic design, you will learn or develop your skills in photo-editing applications, or if you take an internship in a media network, you will be able to harness your research skills.


Learn more about the professional world.

On-the-job training prepares you for the real professional world. You will know the importance of accountability, working in a team, and being a self-starter. Here, you will be able to understand office dynamics, working with bosses and colleagues, as well as clients. With this knowledge, you will be able to prepare for it early.  

Work experience looks good in your resume.

Getting an internship even if you are not required to do so shows your drive and motivation. Plus, it puts you ahead of others in your age.  


Apply your theoretical knowledge to the real world.

You learn so much from your classes, but you rarely apply it in real life situations. With an internship, you will be able to execute your ideas. You will be able to apply the strategies you learn at school and have a chance to have your ideas be implemented in or by the company.

Getting an internship before you go to senior high helps you define your goals better. For more stories like this, check out All About Senior High at Edukasyon.ph!