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Digital Minimalism: Is It Time For A Social Media Detox?

We’ve got this on and off relationship with social media. Love it or leave it, we live online and offline. It’s become a space to share ideal versions of ourselves to the world. But if you feel fatigued after a while of scrolling through your feed, you’re not alone. You know what? Maybe it’s time to declutter your digital space with a social media detox.

While social media connects us, it also disorients us. We love and laugh at memes, but we also frown and tear up at awful news or negative posts. Someone we love can succeed, and we can be genuinely happy for them. But on the other end of the spectrum, it’s easy to turn to the darker side—envy, insecurity, unhappiness.

Browsing social media has shown negative effects on our mental health in the long run. Say you’re the type to get bogged down by a busy inbox. Or think of how Facebook envy eventually turns into anxiety or depression. Moreover, when was the last time triggering news on Twitter ruined your day?

A social media detox breaks us through this digitally-induced anxiety.

Just quit those social apps, delete them from your phone, log out all accounts from your computer. Stay off the grid for two weeks (ideally). If you can do a month, hey, good for you! And if that’s too much, go for at least 3 days—that’s just a weekend.

You’ll find that there are enough hours in a day to get your school stuff done! So is some truth to “Ayan, kaka-computer mo kasi!” Just kidding. It’s also funny, for many on a social media detox, how they catch themselves unconsciously and swiping through their phones. You’ll find so much time for your hobbies, too!

In the long term, however, we know quitting social media altogether isn’t easy.

Nor is it the only answer. Though, a bunch of Gen Z-ers have been increasingly deleting their accounts for richer offline experiences. Still, not for everyone. And we wouldn’t force you, either.

What’s the solution then?

We must be more mindful and deliberate when we use social media.

In a very tidy Marie Kondo way, perhaps what our digital space needs is just a good cleanup. Let’s get rid of the things that don’t bring us joy or value. We don’t need that kind of negativity in our virtual lives.

Look at your feed. Think for a sec. Did I really need to read, see, or watch this? Pause before you post. Should I even share this? Will my followers even care?

Better yet, does this add value to my life? Will this be of value in their lives?

Lastly, what kind of inspiration and information would you wish to see in your world? Keep that in mind whenever you hit follow, friend, or like.

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