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Essential Reading List for Senior High School Students

Reading plays a vital role in every student’s development, from widening your vocabulary to improving your memory and knowledge. Senior high is one of the most exciting parts of every student’s life where you get to make new friends, meet new mentors, and explore a whole new environment. But aside from these experiences, senior high school is also a great time to learn new things and discover different skills.

Whether you are looking for some quality material or just want to get ahead of your school lessons, reading these essential books for senior high school will definitely give you an edge:

Fundamentals of Accounting, Business, and Management 1 and 2

Surely a must read for SHS students under the Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM) track, this book teaches students the basic principles of accounting and data analysis. This will give you a better understanding and appreciation of the use of accounting in your everyday business transactions.

Author: Benedick Manalaysay
Publisher: Anvil Publishing

Author: Benedick Manalaysay
Publisher: Anvil Publishing

Disciplines and Ideas in the Social Sciences

Whether you are under the HUMSS strand or just want to have an initial idea of what social science is, this book can help explain the fundamental concepts and methods of inquiry on various social science disciplines. This will provide you an opportunity to discover the emerging Philippine and global trends and give you a wider perspective on how the society can shape the way people look at the world.

Author: Arleigh Ross Dela Cruz PhD, Cecile Fadrigon, and Diana Mendoza PhD Publisher: Phoenix Publishing House

Pre- and Basic Calculus

If you are a STEM or Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime student, then you’ll know that calculus is #life! This book will prepare students to the rigorous subject of calculus esp since it is an integral part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math strand curriculum. Prepare to be fascinated about trigonometric functions, series, mathematical inductions, the Binomial Theorem, and functions!

Author: John Gabriel Pelias
Publisher: Rex Bookstore

Author: John Gabriel Pelias
Publisher: Rex Book Store

Applied Economics

Truly an essential reading list for ABM and GAS students, Applied Economics will help you have a deeper understanding of the principles of economics and how you can apply these in your daily life. It can also show you a bigger picture of today’s biggest industries, our national economy, and the global market.

Author: Tereso Tullao Jr. PhD
Publisher: Phoenix Publishing House

Creative Writing

Even if you are not a HUMSS student, a book in Creative Writing will help you develop practical and creative skills in reading and writing. This book will introduce you to the different writing techniques for drama, poetry, narratives, and other genres. Who knows, you might have a chance to write your autobiography in the future!

Author: Ailene Baisa-Juan, Mary Grace Del Rosario, Emily Marasigan, Nestor Lontoc Publisher: Phoenix Publishing House

Oral Communication

Having a strong communication skill is an asset at any level of your education. Reading books in oral communication can help you improve your listening and speaking skills and you will have a deeper understanding of the various techniques, strategies, and competencies to improve how you converse and interact with people.

Author: Mary Janette Pinzon, Niel Kenneth Jamandre Publisher: Abiva Publishing

Physical Education and Health

Physical Education and Health is part of the core subjects of the Senior High School curriculum. It can provide you with an integrated approach to various health disciplines. This is a valuable resource if you want to be an active, independent, and lifelong learner. Some of the things that you will learn in PEH are Exercise Prescription, Healthy Lifestyle, Exercise Safety and First Aid, as well as Sports Science basics.

Author: Richardson Gialogo, Ryan Gialogo
Publisher: Phoenix Publishing House


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