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Fun Spots in Northern and Central Luzon for Field Trips!

Everybody loves going on adventures and seeing new places! I mean, who wouldn’t want to attend a fun and exciting school field trip, right? So, go ahead and pack your bags with all the essentials and get ready to discover some of the best tourist spots in the Northern and Central Luzon! These are perf for school field trips, family road trips, or simply for last-minute hangouts with friends.

Not only are they IG-worthy and breathtaking, but these landmarks also educational in their own way! Unleash your inner historian, artist, or explorer during your visit. Bring your friends and classmates, and start ticking places off of your travel bucket list one tourist spot at a time. You wouldn’t wanna miss these for the world!

1.  Capas National Shrine

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

The Capas National Shrine is located in Barangay O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac which is found in Central Luzon. Kickstart your journey by visiting a spot where you and your peers can commemorate Filipino history whilst enjoying it! The place commemorates the Filipino and American soldiers who fought side by side and were imprisoned by the Japanese forces during World War II The site also honors those who suffered during the notorious death march. 

This tourist spot educates its visitors about the important World War 2 events which left a great impact in our country. You also get the opportunity to roam around in the open space and view the shrine, cement cross, and even the black marble wall that’s engraved with names of the death march victims. Face to face! Here’s to Pinoy pride and having educational stories to talk about when you get back home.

2. Clark Museum

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

In case you haven’t been here yet, we suggest you visit this iconic spot ASAP! The Clark Museum is located in Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga which is also in Central Luzon. Immerse yourself in the history of Clark and Pampanga. This site will walk you through what it was like to live in the old Clark and teach you all about how their city developed economically and socially. Rediscover your roots just in time for Buwan ng Wika!

While sightseeing, you will come across war machines, dioramas, murals, photographs, and interactive displays! Level up your museum experience by going to their 4D theater to relive the Mount Pinatubo explosion and other happenings in Clark. Scan over their galleries that cover the area, and get to know Clark on a geographical and geological level. Start familiarizing yourself with Clark’s industry and way of crafting pots, too! 

3. Zoobic Safari

(Image via Danny O., Flickr)

Thinking more outside of the box? Loosen up a bit and visit Zoobic Safari! This site is both a tourist spot and a theme park. You’re getting the best of both worlds! Zoobic Safari is located in Central Luzon, specifically in Morong, Bataan. Zoobic Safari is very close to a real-life safari, and is filled with diverse and rare Philippine animals that you can meet up close! Your acquired tour guide will also inform you all about the origin of each animal as well as their way of life, what they eat, and how they mate.

Learn to love our nature by getting to know more about the different concerns of the animals in the zoo, and how you can promote awareness and care for them! Especially since advocacies for animal rights is such a hot topic right now, considering that more and more species are becoming endangered by the minute! Along the way, you will get the chance to interact with indigenous Aeta villages nearby and get cultured. Don’t forget to take pics with the barkada while you’re at it!

4. St. Louis University Museum Of Arts & Culture

To the ones who appreciate art, culture, and humanities like they’re the best thing to ever occur on the planet, then this one goes out to you! St. Louis University Museum of Arts and Cultures is located in Baguio which is situated in Northern Luzon. The museum is known for displaying paintings, artifacts, sculptures, and Spanish Religious relics sourced from different Cordillera regions. The museum preserves items that represent the culture of cordillera natives by promoting their art. 

Pieces like Igorot house structures, farming tools, wood carving tools, sugar cane pressers, and dioramas of Ifugao rituals are exhibited on the museum’s walls. Not only are the items open for observing, but they are also being thoroughly explained through labels, orientations, lectures, and demonstrations so that visitors and researchers can actually understand the history behind each artifact! 

5. Crisologo Museum

G to level up your knowledge on local family histories other than your own? Try to stop by this museum sometime! If you have no clue who the Crisologos are, then this museum can change that!

To give you a brief refresher, the Crisologo family is one of the most important political families in the province, back in the day. Everything you need to know about them is featured in this museum, which is actually the family’s ancient house! Pretty authentic, huh? This museum is located in Vigan City, located in the Northern Luzon region. 

Everything the Crisologos owned is currently displayed in the museum; that includes family portraits, offices, and memorabilia in relation to their family background! The museum was made to commemorate the family’s past accomplishments, and to give the visitors a glimpse of how wealthy the Crisologo family was and how significant their role was. 

Not to mention, the streets of Vigan that lead up to this museum is full of kalesas and Spanish architecture that strongly give off Spanish era vibes, which will truly carry you back further in time. This place is a great eye-opener for any tourist, historical enthusiast or not. Plus, it’s free!

Have fun learning and don’t forget to bring back some precious souvenirs! Check out our College Life section on the Edukasyon.ph blog to read more about traveling and education