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Gamified Apps And Websites For SHS Students In The Philippines

Calculus, research, history, statistics and probabilityif your heart skipped a beat, perhaps you are one of the many senior high school students who will take or are currently taking these subjects.

At some point, you’ve probably wished there’s a skip button in senior high school so you can move past these seemingly boring, excruciating subjects. But what if there’s a more exciting way to learn these lessons? Gamification is a revolutionary way to make studying your subjects more fun and enjoyable!

What is gamification?

Gamification is the use of various gaming elements to enrich non-gaming experiences. It aims to boost engagement, participation, and loyalty in the users. Some of the features of gamification include points, leaderboards, badges or achievements, playlists and many more!

Do you remember the time when you completed your Twitter account profile to get this “You’re all set up” completion bar? How about that moment you were able to buy something in the grocery store out of the “suki” points you received from your previous shopping? Or that jubilation when you finally completed all the stickers you need in exchange for a Starbucks planner? These systems are just some of the many examples of gamification in our lives!

What educational sites use gamification?


Coding is a skill that could help you land different jobs of the future; and SoloLearn is an app that could help you learn this skill!

SoloLearn is a desktop and mobile app that gamifies the way you learn how to code. The app contains a number of lessons on Python, Java, Ruby, and Swift. After each lesson, you will have to answer quizzes, or join player challenges to win XP (experience points). You can also chat with a community of coders to exchange ideas or resources, and help each other improve. What’s the best about SoloLearn? You can easily write and run real code in the app’s mobile code editor to practice your skills!


Quipper provides ready-made resources on various subjects under the Philippine K-12 system. The Quipper School gives you access to tons of lessons and assessments that cover topics from Grade 4 to Grade 12.

Watch videos, answer quizzes, and share your progress with your classmates. If you’re having a hard time catching up with the lessons, you don’t have to worry. You can repeat lessons until you’ve mastered them. Need help with your math? Quipper can be your online tutor!


TedEd is a website that produces educational, inspiring, amazing, and entertaining videos in short consumable lengths. The videos cover a variety of topics from literature, psychology, STEM, arts, to business.

Aside from the videos, TedEd also lets you create your own video lessons through the site’s web app. You can choose a video and add a description. You can also add multiple choice or open-ended questions. Share it with other viewers and engage in a meaningful discussion!


Have you ever found a book you wanted to read so badly but didn’t have time to read? With all the class projects, research deadlines, and extracurriculars, school life can be demanding. If you’re the super busy kind of student, Blinkist will help you carve out time to learn something new each day!

Blinkist has a team of passionate readers that summarizes thousands of non-fiction books to give you content that you can easily digest in a couple of minutes. Want to improve your communication skills? Need some guidance on self-improvement? Blinkist will help you read and learn more!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an organization that provides instructional videos and practice tests on a number of areas through its online platform. Khan Academy has courses that are divided into seven sections: Math, Science and Engineering, Computing, Arts and Humanities, Economics and Finance, Test Preparations, and College, Career and More (CCM). These courses cater to children from kindergarten to college, all for free!

Each unit lesson has allocated mastery points. Your total points represent the progress you’ve made on each unit. Aside from these features, Khan Academy has a personalized learning dashboard so you can study at your own pace inside and outside of the classroom.

How can these tools help me with my future career?

The gamified apps and websites listed above are just some of the many tools you can use to maximize your learning.

These platforms are even more enjoyable when you use them with your friends! Challenge your friends and set common goals together. For example, you can all agree to master a certain subject or learn a new skill! Keep track of each member’s progress and help each other reach your goals!

This activity will help you identify your development areas. As you become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be able to make sound decisions that will lead you to your future career path!

Don’t worry, we are here to help you every step of the way. Find more content like this at Edukasyon.ph’s All About Senior High blog!