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Getting Ready For the ACET

Are you ready to gear up and become an Atenean?

To get into any school, entrance exams are held to determine who gets to be part of said institution. Ateneo de Manila University is no different, since it has the Ateneo College Entrance Test (ACET) to do this.

The ACET is a one-day entrance standard exam that Ateneo issues to prospective students, which is usually held once a year. Application periods usually start in June, but the admission process itself takes almost a year, which is why applicants are highly advised to apply during their senior year in high school. Admissions are only held during the first semester; Ateneo has no second semester admissions.


For aspiring Atenistas to qualify for the ACET, you’ll need to be any of the following:

  • A Grade 12 student or on your last year in Senior High School for you to apply as a college freshman
  • A senior high school graduate who has not yet taken any units or has not yet enrolled in any college or university

Students who have already taken units in college but have not yet finished any undergraduate degree can also apply as transferee applicants.

SAT Results and IB Scores

For international students, you may also apply to Ateneo de Manila University by submitting your SAT results in place of your ACET results.

Students who are taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme may also apply to for admission by sending in their IB scores.

For early applicants, you may submit your predicted IB scores (which cover Grade 11 and one semester of your 12th grade) as long as your total predicted score is 28 or higher; your school must have been administering the IB for at least five years; and your predicted scores must be submitted on or before January of the following year.

Applicants who are qualified will be notified of their application in February of the following year.

If you are an IB Diploma holder, you may also submit your diploma instead of taking the ACET provided that the school you’ve come from is not on its first year of issuing the IB, and that your IB Diploma has been awarded within the last two years.

Applicants who applied in the regular round will be notified of their application come July of the following year.


For starters, download the application kit that suits your needs. If you are an applicant who plans to take the ACET in the campus, for example, download the Applicants Taking the ACET at Ateneo de Manila form, and so on. Fill out the application form, and accomplish all the stated requirements indicated.

Once you’ve completed the application form and filled out all your requirements, pay your non-refundable application fee, which costs P600 for applicants from Philippine schools, and P2,500 (or US$50) for applicants who are studying abroad.

Payment transactions may be paid on or off-campus.

If you’re planning to pay inside the campus, proceed to the Office of Admission and Aid (OAA) at the Ground Floor of Kostka Hall and fill out a charge slip.

Then pay the application fee at the Cashier’s Office.

Once you’ve received your receipt from the Cashier’s Office, submit your receipt, together with your application requirements, to the Office of Admission and Aid.

If you’re planning to take the ACET off-campus, you may also pay through a payment slip at the nearest Metrobank branch, provided that your payment is in pesos and that you intend to take the ACET in Metro Manila.

Fill out Metrobank’s Payment Slip with the following details:

Company Name: Ateneo de Manila University
Subscriber Name: name of the student applicant
Reference No.: ACET fee
Subscriber No.: 100-253-000
Mode of Payment: Cash
Amount of Payment: P600 (for local applicants) or P2,500 (for international applicants)

Present the payment slip, along with your payment, to the Metrobank teller, and keep your verified payment slip. This will serve as your proof of payment.

Once this is done, submit both your verified payment slip and the rest of your application requirements to the Office of Admission and Aid. You may also ask for the official receipt from the Office of Admission and Aid, which will be available three days after you’ve paid.

If you’re planning to take the ACET in a Provincial Testing Center, pay your application fee in your chosen provincial testing center.

Once you’re done with your application requirements, hit those books, start studying, and do whatever it takes to get ready for the ACET!


If you need some financial aid, fill out the Scholarship/Financial Aid Questionnaire and submit it along with your application form. Also make sure to provide a 1×1 photo for your questionnaire.

Exam Composition

Like all entrance exams, the ACET tests you on the stock knowledge you’ve learned in high school, such as language proficiency, mathematics, and reading comprehension.

Unlike the UPCAT, however, the ACET also quizzes you based on your logical reasoning, general knowledge, and numerical reasoning, which makes it longer than most entrance exams.

Last but not the least is the essay portion. If you thought the essay portion during your application process was difficult enough, this one is designed to challenge your abstract reasoning on the spot so know how to structure your essay in your limited time and make sure to be concise with your answers!

Since you’ll have to finish these items under a strict time limit, learn how to budget your time and answer as much as you can! There is a snack break so feel free to recharge and relieve your bladder so you wouldn’t feel as distracted!

Once you’re done with your exam, all you can do is pray and wait for the results.

Exam Results

ACET results and scholarship applications are usually posted sometime in January, where your names and course will be posted on a set of boards at the Blue Eagle Gym. If your name is posted, you’ve either passed the exam or are waitlisted (which is indicated); if your name is not there, that means you weren’t accepted, but don’t fret! Getting rejected by your school doesn’t mean the end of the world and these setbacks are usually temporary before you are catapulted into something that’s not only better but truly meant for you.

Either way, your decision letters will be sent to you if you’ve submitted complete requirements.

If you’ve passed, congrats! Confirm your slot and submit the documents you need. If you did not get your preferred course, you may write a letter asking for a change of course. If you aren’t allowed to change your course, don’t worry – feel free to shift courses after you’ve finished your freshman year. For waitlisted applicants, simply follow procedure and hope for the best.

If you haven’t been accepted and are dead set on being an Atenean, you can always apply to transfer schools after a year!

Good luck!

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