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Halloween Inspiration for Students

Halloween is a time to not only scare your friends silly with your nightmarish costume, but also flaunt your creativity as a costume designer or even a cosplayer. Represent your track and strand after you watch these videos and see what you can do on the last minute before the ghouls and goblins of All Hallow’s Eve arrives.

Before anything though, be sure to remember these safety tips to have a great Halloween:

  • Don’t use attires as costumes. This includes religious headwear, native American attire, and gypsy-clothing.
  • Don’t ridicule anyone who you think doesn’t have a creative costume. Everyone just wants to have fun.
  • Be generous and don’t hog all the candy.
  • Be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. If you’re a minor, bring your phone or have a chaperone follow you closely.
  • Overall, dress up appropriately and be polite to people who give you candy.

Without further ado, here are videos to get you inspired for Halloween!

From the most pilosopong costume to the extremely thought-out designs, you can look at this video for the perfect Halloween makeover.

STEM and Arts combine in this video for hi-tech costumes. What do you say, future scientists? Don’t you want to be a cyborg this Halloween?

Now, if you’re more into recycling your old clothes from 3 seasons ago, Halloween is the perfect time for you to bring out the DIY master in you. Get some old clothes, rip them up, and recreate them into something new (but not necessarily scary).

Cosplaying doesn’t have to be expensive, schoolmates. With store-bought clothes and a few alterations here and there, you got yourself a great anime-inspired Halloween costume!

Some Cookery students would love to use this: Candy-inspired Halloween costumes. Have you seen a cupcake go trick or treating? Not yet, be that cupcake.

Finally, if you want to just keep it simple and dress down to dress up on Halloween, get inspiration from this awesome vlogger.

From the legendary and haunting icons of various cultures to today’s pop culture references, let your costume come alive! Enjoy a safe and candy-filled holiday, schoolmates!