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Help! How do I Use Edukasyon.ph?

Nahihilo, nalilitopaano ba gamitin ito? If you’re having trouble navigating the site, here’s a breakdown of all you need to know when using Edukasyon.ph as the first step in applying to various schools and scholarships:

1. On the homepage, type your school/scholarship of choice in the search bar.

Believe it or not, Edukasyon.ph can easily connect you to more than 13,000 private and public schools (both local and abroad!) and 50,000 scholarship opportunities that you probably weren’t even aware of. Not only that, but you can even weigh your options better by searching among 20,000 courses with their descriptions provided –all for free!


2. Filter the results based on your top factors.

This step is for those who don’t really have a specific school in mind yet. With so many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming; fortunately, you can easily search for any school by selecting your preferred location, narrowing down your budget range, and even checking the box with the program/s you’ve considered taking up.

3. Pick a school to see their profile page.

Yup, Edukasyon.ph saves you from the hassle of having to open numerous tabs with different university FAQ pages just to get the answers you want. It has rounded up all the necessary details, such as tuition fees, board exam passing rates, programs offered and more. Once you’ve arrived at the school profile, you can proceed to the most important part:


4. Apply or inquire.

What was originally a search out of curiosity could quickly turn into a legit application if you want it to. No worries though if you haven’t made your mind yet –you can send inquiries directly to the school or continue your search for as long as time permits.


Bonus tip: Check out the blog. Edukasyon.ph not only wants to make your search convenient, but it also tries to address any bugging questions you might have before you even start looking for a school. Some of the topics that the articles cover include: choosing the course that best suits you, being sure of the career path you want to take, and even much simpler concerns like how to study more efficiently or what activities you should try in the summer.

For a more visual step-by-step tutorial on how to use the website, check out this quick video: