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Here’s a Super Quick Guide to Make You Smarter

5 effective brain exercise habits to make you smarter

1. Physical exercise

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Many studies have shown that exercise is healthy for the brain. It gets blood and oxygen pumping. Yes to those who are in the Sports track! #shsSPORTS


2. Handwriting

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This activates a unique neural circuit, making learning easier. More ideas are expressed when you sit down and write, and it’s also a more effective for memory than typing on the keyboard. HUMSS? You feel this? Don’t worry! All that writing actually makes you smarter. #shsHUMSS


3. Exercise your brain

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Testing the limits of your cognitive function contribute to better memory. Even do things like brushing your teeth with your wrong hand.  You’ll awaken neurons that have been sleeping. We’re sure STEM people are gonna do this experiment by the end of tip number 5! #shsSTEM


4. Deep breathing meditation

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Regular meditators tend to experience a semi-permanent to permanent brainwave spectrum shift toward gamma, alpha and theta as they recondition their neural pathways. Deep breathing is perhaps the most effective and more simple strategy. Deep breathing must be something Tech-Voc people do a lot, what with all that technical studies, right? #shsTECH-VOC


5. Green tea

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Green tea has long been revered in Japan, China, and other ancient cultures.  It’s rich in L-Theanine, which can shift brain waves into alpha spectrum quite readily. Cheering for our friends in Home Economics & Livelihood program! #shsTech-Livelihood

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