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All About Senior High

Here’s all you need to know about SHS a.k.a Senior High School!

Not long ago, the concept of senior high school was a blur. High school only lasted for four years and before that, most schools had only six or seven years for grade school. Since the implementation of the K-12 system in the Philippines, the whole pre-university educational system had changed. What used to be only ten years of studying has now become twelve, with the two additional years now being referred to as ‘Senior High School’ or SHS.

During this period, students are given the opportunity to choose from different tracks like academic, sports, arts and design, and technical-vocational-livelihood.

The existence of SHS has definitely raised a lot of questions, and even if it’s been around for a while, some people are still unaware of what SHS really is. So we’ve gathered a few of the frequently asked questions about the matter to give you a much better understanding of what these added years are all about!

  1. Why was SHS added?

The government hopes that the additional years will be able to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need for the next big step of their lives be it in college, future employment, entrepreneurship or further technical and vocational training. Moreover, this is necessary for the Philippines to keep up with international standards – as the PH was the only country that followed a ten-year pre-university set-up prior to the implementation of K-12.

  1. Does taking up SHS mean more costs?

Senior High School is being offered for free in public schools, while those who are studying in private schools may opt to avail the voucher program which basically gives students a discount to be disbursed between DepEd and the non-DepEd schools.

  1. How does the new curriculum differ from the previous one?

It provides opportunities for students to concentrate on a certain field in Business, Science and Engineering, Humanities and Social Science, and General Academics. They will also be exposed to Sports, Arts and Design, and Technical-Vocational-Livelihood courses depending on the track they wish to choose.

  1. Does attending SHS ensure employment for me in the future?

Although the program does not ensure employment upon graduation, it does, however, provide several opportunities to make you competitive enough to land a job. SHS equips you with the competencies that will make you fit for employment. You will be eligible to apply for courses in TESDA and receive Certificates of Competency (COCs) and National Certificates (NCs) which would definitely open a lot of doors for you.

  1. Am I really required to go to SHS?

Yes, you are, as this is required by the law. Failure to enroll yourself in SHS will deem you ineligible for high school graduation.

  1. How will SHS affect me should I choose to pursue a college education?

The academic training you will receive in SHS will prepare you for college and university education. Overall, you are expected to gain a holistic, fundamental foundation on the general education subjects in line with your chosen career path.

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