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Here’s everything you should know about the Sports track in Senior High

As students from junior high schools graduate, one of the major decisions you have to make is to choose which track they are going to take for Senior High. In the enhanced basic education curriculum implemented by the Department of Education in 2013, there are four available tracks students can choose from: Academic (college preparation), Arts and Design (design and creative industry), Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (job-ready skills), and the Sports Track (physical education and recreation).

If you love the adrenaline rush and an avid fan of physical activities, then the Sports Track might be the one for you. But before you take a shot at this course, here are some of the most important things you need to know about the Sports Track.

What are the core subjects that I will study in the Sports Track?

The sports track is not really about dribbling balls, running, or playing. Under the curriculum, there are various subjects you will have to take which include:

  1. Safety and First Aid Students will learn different safety measures to prevent and reduce injuries in the sports field such as preparations, physical assessments, nutrition, and environment. You also have a chance to study a legitimate first aid program and gain a Red Cross Certification from the Philippine Red Cross.
  2. Human Movement – This subject includes the study of motor skills. It explains the different theories of motor control and how it affects a person’s efficiency.
  3. Fundamentals of coaching – Teaches students the basic principles of coaching. It presents the ethical standards that members need to observe in order to build a just and fair play. This subject also teaches the different communication and coaching styles that aspiring students can apply in different situations.
  4. Sports Officiating – Aside from the fundamentals of coaching, another area sports track students can learn are the different concepts of sports officiating in order to conduct an orderly tournament or competition.
  5. Fitness, Sports and Recreation LeadershipThis subject explains the components of an exercise program and teaches students how to make effective fitness programs, including ways for motivation, instructions, and feedback techniques.
  6. Psychosocial Aspects of Sports and Exercise – The subject discusses the various social factors that influence the participation, performance, and psychological well-being in sports, exercise, and other recreational activities.
  7. Fitness Testing and Basic Exercise Program – In this subject, you will learn different health-related testing parameters such as the cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular fitness, flexibility, body composition; as well as skill-related parameters including speed, power, agility, balance, coordination, and reaction time.

What can I do after I graduate from the Sports Track?

Upon graduating from the sports track, you can already gain a Certificate in Physical Education and Certificate in Sports Studies which provides you with opportunities to work as a coach, fitness trainer, referee, or sports and recreation attendant. You can further pursue this track into a full-blown college degree like Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in PE, Bachelor of PE and Sports Science, or Bachelor of Science in Sports Kinesiology or Physical Therapy.

Which schools offer Sports Track in Senior High?

There a number of school in the Philippines that offers the Sports Track such as Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila, Jose P. Laurel, Sr. JHS, Philippine Women’s University-Manila, and University of Santo Tomas. You can check Edukasyon.ph for the full list of schools.

What are the characteristics I need to have in order to succeed in this track?

It is important to maintain a healthy body and sound mind since you will be expected to exert physical effort in most classes. It will also be a good thing to have a natural interest in sports, fitness, or health in general because you will delve deeper into the science behind these activities. Other essential traits that will help you maximize the Sports Track experience is to be confident, strong-willed, disciplined, professional, and fair.