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How To Be a Student Writer

It takes courage to put words to paper—or a blank word document. There’s something about being a student writer that brings out your greatest self. Now the next step in your creative journey is to share your creativity with the world.

As the author Jhumpa Lahiri put it, “Being a writer means taking the leap from listening to saying, ‘Listen to me.’” How do you go about being a student writer? Start sending your works to different publications. It may seem daunting at first. But it’s the first step in getting your name out there.

Be not afraid of rejection. Just keep trying. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose! We believe in you! Here are some cool publications to submit your writing to, depending on what kind of student writer you are!

Rambutan Literary: For the literature lover

This online literary publication is run by a proudly Southeast Asian editorial team. Rambutan Literary aims to cultivate southeast Asian writing communities. So if your writing is on the artsy side, here’s your shot! It’s a home for budding poets, essayists, and fictionists who wish to speak about their home or something to call their own.

Silakbo PH: To share your mental health story

This local mental health organization was born of a love for art and all its forms. There is a link between creativity and mental health, and Silakbo PH aims to use it in a positive way to help people cope, grow, and self-actualize. You can submit more than just poems, essays, and short stories. They’re open to art, too!

The Brown Orient: For woke women and LGBT writers

Here’s where you can submit your words and be heard. According to their site, “The Brown Orient is a call for resistance, for reclamation.” It’s an advocacy as much as it is a literary publication. Share your poems and stories about coming to terms with who you are or our country’s culture.

Memoir Mixtapes: For the musically-intrigued

If you love writing essays or poems inspired by music, here’s a great spot to start. Every volume or issue comes with a theme, so check out their submission page first to see if your work fits. Since they come out with playlists every time, Memoir Mixtapes is also a great place to check out prompts for your writing.

Awkward Mermaid: For the wannabe magical-girl

Love reading about women in history, witchy stuff, mermaid folklore, and self-care? You’ll get all of that encompassed in one publication. And if you write about those topics, they’ve got a Medium page you can submit to!

Edukasyon.ph: for anything—and possibly everything—a student writer can write about

What would this list be without a (sorry) shameless plug? We’re not kidding when we keep saying we’d love to have your voice on our blog. Talk about your life as a student. What study hacks do you have? How are you adjusting to school? Any self-care tips, book reviews, health struggles, creative tools you’d like to share? Send your stuff our way!

And hey, we’re opening the floor for interns, too! If you’ve got a knack for writing or graphic design, send us your resume and a cover letter to [email protected]!

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