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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Pursue Your Passion

Not everyone has the privilege of having parents that support their passion. There are many reasons for this.

Your parents might think that (1) it’s merely a phase—you’re not serious about it, (2) it’s not profitable—you’ll not have a lucrative job in the future, or (3) it does not align with their dreams for you—they might want you to be an engineer rather than a poet. Sometimes you just have to work hard to convince your parents to let you pursue your passion, or at least start to have an open conversation with them. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Know What You Really Want

Before you can convince your parents to let you pursue your interests, you need to really be sure about it. Examine yourself and observe what you like doing. Make a list of your values, things you like to do, and things that you’re good at. What profession can you have with these things in mind? For example: you value patience and creativity, you like music, and you are good at playing the piano. You think you can become a composer someday and you believe it will be perfect for you to take a degree in music. Knowing your values, skills, and interests will help you decide what career path to take.

Understand and Talk to Your Parents

Your parents want what they think is best for you. So choosing your passion over practical courses might make them worry about your future. Remind them that you understand their concerns and you know what you are doing. Make sure that you’ve done your research so you know what to explain to your parents when they’re talking to you. Inform them of the career opportunities and transferable skills you’ll acquire in pursuing your chosen path.

List Down the Opportunities and Challenges of Pursuing Your Passion

A pros and cons list will not only help your parents understand your passion some more but will also help you determine if you’re choosing the right path. Say, for example, you want to be an actor, know that it doesn’t work out well for everyone. And if you’re just starting to act and you’re not that confident in your skills, you might want to pursue another career and do acting on the side. Remember to stay grounded and realistic in pursuing your passions. If your parents see that there are more reasonable pros than cons in your list, you might just convince them to follow your dreams.

Make Your Parents Believe in You

Want a career in music? Show your parents that you’re serious about it by practicing every day. How would you feel if you hear someone say that they want to be a writer but you don’t see them writing? It wouldn’t feel like a legit dream, wouldn’t it? If your parents see that you’re working hard to improve yourself in your future career path, that’s a big step in convincing them to pursue what you want. After all, your parents just want to make you happy.

Remember, pursuing your passion can be challenging and convincing your parents to let you follow your dreams may take some time. Be patient in talking with your parents and allow them some space to fully understand where you’re coming from. And hopefully you’ll convince them to let you pursue what you really want to do.

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