Edukasyon.ph: How to Improve Your English Easily
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How to Improve Your English Easily

  1. Surround yourself with English!

Now you have an excuse to binge watch TV series and call it studying! Ask the people around you to speak in English and respond in English as well. It’s a great way to passively learn to the language. Make sure that the people around you also know your goal, so that they can help you achieve them.

  1. Start simple

Try the newspaper at first, it offers simple and straightforward sentences you can begin with. You can also go for those children’s books that teach basic sentence structures and essential everyday words and phrases. I started learning French by going to Youtube and singing along with children’s rhymes!

  1. Have a dictionary at hand

Make sure you have a reference whenever you need it! There are a looooooot of words in the English language and chances are, you’ll always encounter a word you don’t understand. I have the Merriam-Webster dictionary app on my phone, a handy tool especially when I’m reading for leisure.

  1. Duolingo helps

Duolingo is an innovative smartphone application available in the Apple and Google Store that helps you learn various languages for free! I’ve tried to learn French in Duolingo, and let me tell you, it’s great. You can bring it with you any time and take the lessons while stuck in traffic, while waiting for someone, or maybe even before you go to bed. Plus, it tracks your progress really well and it also gives you a certificate of recognition that you can put in platforms such as your LinkedIn profile. Make sure to turn on the notifications so the app can notify you when you’re falling behind on your learning!

Overall, understand that every person has different learning styles and progressions, so keep being patient with yourself. It takes time to learn a different language, and like most things, it doesn’t happen overnight. Start the journey, keep at it, and live, breathe, be English!


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