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How to Make Friends with People from Different Strands

The divide among students from different strands has never been wider. Since students now hold different classes based on their chosen strand, it has become noticeably difficult to forge inter-strand friends. But if there’s a will, there definitely is a way! Here are 3 tips to help you make friends with people from different strands!

  1. Join orgs

Orgs are the best avenue to be united by your similar interests with people from varying strands. Don’t just join your own strand’s home org, but rather, diversify by applying for orgs from different strands as well. You might be surprised to discover that the science geek from STEM and the business-minded student from ABS both love musical theater as much as you do.

  1. Attend batch events

You belong to one cohesive batch, regardless which strand you’re from. Hence, it’s best for you to bond with your batch mates in high school events- such as Spirit Week, Intramurals, Filipino Month, and a lot more. Get involved in these and put on your competitive cap, so you not only excel in these events but also win friends too!

  1. Eat lunch with friends from different strands

Just because you’re no longer in the same strand as your best friends, that doesn’t mean you have to drift apart. Stay in touch with your friends by making time to eat with them during lunch. Along the way, your friends will introduce you to their friends from their strand, whom can befriend too!

  1. Join a varsity team

Joining a varsity is not easy. Not only do you have to juggle your academics, but also your varsity requirements on the side as well. It’s no surprise that being a varsity member allows you to breed friends with people who are just as athletic, hard-working, and competitive as you!

  1. Volunteer in outreach programs

Regardless of your strand, you share a common humanity with all the people around you. Be socially involved by participating in feeding programs, build-a-house activities, and orphanage visits in your spare time. Along the way, you just might meet potential friends from different strands!

Hope you picked up a trick or two from this blog on How to Make Friends with People from Different Strands .

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