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How You Should NOT Choose a School

“What’s your dream school?,” That’s probably one of those questions every student will be asked about at least once in their lives.

To some, they’ve seriously thought about it ever since they were little—answering with dreamy eyes as if they could already imagine themselves wearing that varsity jacket or walking on those red-brick sidewalks on campus! But to others, it’s still a question they answer with a blank face. How about you?

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Tbh, choosing a school is a stepping stone to your future. It’s one of those major life decisions you must make as a student—a tough one, to be exact. But when chosen correctly, it can open the right doors of opportunity for you!

While there are a lot of things that can help you decide for your future alma mater such as searching online or asking advice from an alumnus, there are also things you should be aware of that might keep you from making the best decision. You don’t want that, do you?

Here are three mistakes students like you should avoid when choosing a school:

1. Choosing with limited options.

It’s hard to choose as it is, harder even when you’ve got literally thousands of options to choose from. For reals! When deciding for a school, people usually make decisions based on predetermined markers such as location, course options or tuition fee range. While these things can narrow down your options to a handful, be careful too not to exclude potential schools just because it didn’t meet a certain cut.

What you can do:
List down schools you like then rank it based on your considerations. Don’t just cross out schools at once! Who knows if that expensive school you like offers scholarships?

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2. Choosing just because someone tells you to.

Going to the same school with your BFFs might’ve been the dream ever since you guys were little, but that may not always be the best decision when it’s time to walk towards the #roadtoadulting. There are decisions that others can do for you (read: where to eat!), there are decisions you must make for yourself—choosing your school falls under the latter. Take note of other people’s suggestions but don’t let it dictate your decision.

What you can do:
Think through the school you really want then ask around for insights that’ll help you push through with your decision (or not), not the other way around.

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3. Choosing out of pressure.

Repeat after me: Never. Make. A. Decision. Out. Of. Pressure.

It’s so important to be reminded of this because it’s just soooo easy to decide this way. What if your parents want you to study in that school? What if almost everyone in your batch goes to that school? Sometimes, when faced with these questions, the better question to ask is whether you’ll be proud of your decision when you look back years from now. After all, only you can make the decision for yourself. Make it worthwhile!

What you can do:
Before choosing a school, think through it over and over. If it helps, write down your reasons for it. When you see it in writing, it helps you process your thoughts better and makes your decision clearer.

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It’s easy to choose a school. Choosing the best one for you is the challenge. When deciding on your future alma mater, remember not to decide based on these three things. Limiting your options will not lead you to the right school, but so does letting others dictate your decision and pressuring your way into making one will. The choice is yours. We’re pretty sure you’ll make a good one!

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