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In Defense of GAS: Undecided doesn’t mean unprepared

Students under the General Academic Strand (GAS) have a rep of being undecided or uncertain of their path in life. There’s a common myth that people need to have everything figured out in life at an early age. What with social media showing more teenagers and young professionals running successful businesses, you might even think, “What am I doing with my life?”

But again, let’s put emphasis on the word “myth.” It’s okay if you don’t have a specific strand. It’s okay if you’re undecided. In fact, you might have just landed in one of the most versatile academic strands. Here’s why the GAS strand is actually pretty awesome.

Being in the General Academic Strand doesn’t mean you’re unprepared or unmotivated.

So maybe you don’t know if you want to specialize in business, or a tech course, or an artsy path. But that doesn’t mean you’re not willing to learn new things along the way. We all want to work hard for our goals, whatever they may be!

What if you like learning a lot of things? Maybe you have multiple interests you can’t put under one strand! Or maybe you just want to gather your options, see where they take you. That’s totally valid.

Being in GAS means you get to learn whatever you want!

There’s no pressure to study just one thing. The GAS strand makes for the most versatile students. Learning multiple things means you will have different ways of approaching problems. Imagine knowing something about the arts and science and management all at the same time! You’ll be exercising the flexibility of your mind, so to speak. That’s a pretty cool skill.

Being in GAS doesn’t mean you’ll be lost in your college life or career.

Real talk, many adults don’t stick to their life plans. In the US, nearly a third of college students shift courses. And you’ll be surprised how common career switching is these days.

Your track doesn’t even dictate your future job! A lot of millennials in particular switch jobs or shift careers because they look for more opportunities for growth. So staying straight on one course isn’t exactly a guarantee to success.

Being in GAS helps you find your passions, instead of setting them in stone.

You don’t have to compare yourself to your classmates who have everything figured out. While it’s good to know what your exact passions are, it’s also good to keep exploring new ones, too. Senior high school is a time for you to discover who you are and who you can be.

It’s cliché, but you do have your whole life ahead of you to figure out what you love to do—and that doesn’t even stop you from sticking to one path. We even have a guide to some courses that you could check out.

So be proud of where you are and of being in the GAS strand! And take advantage of the opportunity to be flexible to choose your subjects. Remember, you don’t need to give in to the pressure of deciding yet. Focus on what you want and how you want to grow.

Figure out your why. The what and the how will follow.

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